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Proof that the IGNORANCE has gone too far: Fifty Shades of Grey & child pornography


I have too many gripes with Fifty Shades of Grey to list them all at the present moment. The book’s overwhelming flaws disgrace the actual BDSM community – both in its professional and personal capacity. I am choosing to focus my blog topic today on an urgent issue that perfectly exemplifies all that is wrong with the acclaim afforded to
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Contest for DanaKaneSpanks members – Guess how many panties!


Visit http://danakanespanks.com for more info on how you could win a free membership extension if you are an existing member.  If not, feel free to check it out anyway.  All the details can be found at http://msdanakane.com

Call for… Custom Spanking Video Requests


I will be returning to Vegas to visit with Ms. Dana Kane sometime in September.  We are currently accepting applications for F/f custom spanking /corporal punishment videos.  If you are interested, please click the link below for specific requirments and to fill out the appropriate form.  Or you may Contact Me directly.  Limited Availability. http://danakanespanks.com/index.php/customvideo   Roleplay scenarios and real punishment scenarios accepted.  My personal favorites
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DanaKaneSpanks.com – awesome premium F/m, F/f spanking content


Spankotherapist. Spanko-holic. Fun spanking playmate. No-nonsense Disciplinarian. Role-play enthusiast. Real-life correction & punishment Specialist. Beautiful. Strict. Maternal… Ms. Dana Kane offers something for everyone. Guaranteed to find something to suit your style on her extensive site (She offers live sessions, a variety of F/m & F/f spanking clips and full-length movies, along with taking custom requests). Click pic to go
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Slayed by Walter Palmer: #Cecil the Lion, #CeciltheLamb…


 If you need to kill a lion with arrows and guns to prove that you are a man, I challenge you to provoke one unarmed. The rest of you killing exotic animals for the sport of it – taking prideful selfies with the innocent, tortured creatures you murdered is not going to prove you have balls. In this case, Walter
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New obsession: #GameofThrones Fantasy #BDSM Mistress #DaenerysTargaryen, my latex #Khaleesi

Khaleesi latex

If anyone follows me on Twitter (@spankedangel) it should be fairly obvious by now that my new obsession is HBO’s mega-hit series, Game of Thrones. More specifically, my actual obsession is with Daenerys Targaryen ~ a character that I hope will ultimately end up fulfilling my fantasy and claiming what seems to be Her birthright as Lord of the Seven
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True BDSM F/f F/m “Domination” story – sex slave #Memoir


This is a true story, related to you with trimmings of poetic license and elegant artistry. Long before the existence of Fifty Shades of Grey. This piece focuses on my earlier experiences as an S&M slave with a renowned Mistress to whom I was her personal subject. I was in my early (very early) 20’s, younger than the beloved Anastasia
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An old poem 2002


Eh, I’ve got nothing to say.  Or I’ve got much to say but not enough motivation to type it out, see?  But I’m feeling like poetry tonight, and so I’ve dug out some dusty poem I wrote.  Don’t worry.  It’s been a while.  I’m not quite so bitter anymore.   Them Her deference unreserved for truth She’s become a credulous
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Undecipherable Poetry

angel goth

  Unkind Minister Preaching of the Seasons Of mice and men and back again Of Rhymes and not of Reasons A twinkling of the spastic eye Will move a mountain, not So here she sits beside herself While Darkness ties its Knot Deface her with your Disaffection She’ll lap it up like wine And you’ll keep her as collateral Against
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Domme Shopping (Literally?)


Just thought I’d share this cute adorable story of the way my mind works, and the mind of my special kinky guy friend who I session (and do other things) with. He’s a professional carpenter and so he’s always building or fixing something for me, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I see him. Lowes and Home Depot have become our “spot.”
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I’m baaaaaaaaaaack…….. at least for now


Well, Most of you are probably wondering where I have been… besides twitter. I’d like to say the Brazilian jungle, since for a good portion of last year I was living with insects I didn’t even know existed, a ghost whose grave was unearthed underneath my porch and a mysterious wild animal living under the loveseat that might (or might
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Hear My Name – Spanking Music Video. Hot, Hot!


Sorry, everyone… I have had several monumental and life changing events taking place simultaneously. I’ll be out of commission for a while, until the dust settles… literally. No worries, “all good things, all good things.” Thought I would post this fun video with the 90 seconds of spare time that I have. I don’t understand what this has to do
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Genuine OTK Spanking with Ms. Dana Kane: FREE CLIP


Spanked… just because that seems to be what happens to me. My pretty red panties match nicely with Ms. Dana’s lovely dress, and by the next few installment of this series – do does my bottom. You can view the free video here:

2 Broke Girls: I wish Max would spank me!


One of my favorite scenes from my new favorite show: 2 Broke Girls She needs to work on her technique and spank a little (a lot) harder since she’s now interjected herself into my fantasies  

Where to find my videos:


In case anyone was wondering – you can find my videos on http://clips4sale.com/50197   and http://danakanespanks.com Individual clips will be available for download on clips4sale, minus any exclusive content.  Otherwise there are a variety of options for subscriptions with recurring and non-recurring memberships on Ms. Dana Kane’s newly launched site, which thus far is the only site where I am promoting
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StepMommy Dearest (Ms. Dana Kane) Gone off the Deep End: Spanking

Dana Kane catches Angel eating snacks before dinner!

Just when you think Step-Monster can’t get any crazier… she does.   She caught me eating candy before dinner, a big “no-no,” apparently.  I almost feel a little bad becuase she actually made me cupcakes.  I mean they might have been posioned or something but I didn’t get that far to find out.  I did sneak a taste of the icing and
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Give ‘Til It Hurts: Spanking Raffle Ft. Me & Cane-iac


From Ms. Dana Kane’s blog: (Please e-mail her, danakanespanks@gmail.com to participate!  It would mean a lot to both of us, but most importantly – to the little guys who didn’t ask to be here and who can’t help themselves.  Whether you are an animal lover or not, you’ll be doing a good deed and getting the chance to win some awesome exclusive implements
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A Unique Session with an amazing Deviant Mistress and special “guy friend.”


  The other day, I had the privilege of sessioning with one of NYC’s finest Domina’s.  I was with a friend of mine, a guy friend – and we pretty much went to see her as a “couple.”  This was a rare treat for me, as I’ve mostly been involved in strictly domestic discipline scenes.  It’s been quite some time
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Free Spanking Pictures: After Effects


  The other day a special guy friend and I went to see an amazing NYC Domina. I intend to blog about the session but since I’m too utterly depleted to do much writing today, I’ll display some pictures in the interim. Too bad there aren’t any images of the gorgeous perdicament bondage we were in.  But at least here are some
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Spanked in the name of Science by Ms. Dana Kane


This was a particularly “interesting” spanking.  To help out all spanko’s, Dana and I conducted an experiment to conclusively prove that being spanked on a wet bottom hurts more than being spanked on a dry bottom.  We still could find no evidence of WHY this is the case, but at least speaking for myself – I can ASSURE you that
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Edith Cadivec EROS: The Meaning of My Life


  A book I plan to eventually address, an interesting historical reference into perversion and the flagellation of minor pupils for the purposes of maternal and sexual gratification at the hands of Edith Cadivec.  

Spanked again by StepMonster – Little Angel in “Note to Mother.”


I thought Stepmommy and I had turned over a new leaf, but that’s just dumb.  She’s crazier than ever. I can’t believe Daddy left me home alone with her this weekend.  She’s been pretending to be nice to me in front of him, and I guess she had me fooled, too.  She’s just so mean that I can’t even understand
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Spanked in a foreign language – sound/audio tease clip

Mistress Cassandra Halloween

  This is a clip from an audio file I did with Mistress Cassandra for my client where I was spanked for doing something bad. It was a fun little clip about buying something, telling her I was going to return it and then trying to navigate my way out of the fact that I didn’t do it. It was
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Popeye Spanks Sweet Pea clip on YouTube


Popeye Spanks Sweet Pea! Did growing up with spanking in the media influence your fetish?  I will honestly say that I did get a thrill out of watching spanking scenes in cartoons and on TV when I was a child, or even hearing threats pertaining to a naughty one getting a spanking.  I was actually very attentive to what I
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Spanked for Stealing


Spanked for Stealing A spanking role-play video Dana & I did one of the last times I was in Vegas.  I get spanked for “stealing” inappropriate clothing and then having the audacity to flaunt myself around in them.  This spanking was most certainly memorable, as Dana very much adopted her role.  I got a very sound bare-bottom spanking that had
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Ms. Britney Spears jumping on the S&M bandwagon – “Work Bitch” Review


I could be wrong, but I have a feeling everyone is going to try to capitalize on the remarkably annoying Fifty Shades of Gray… the NOT based on a true story (or even an iota of truth) 21st century “masterpiece.” Celebrities are now falling victim to this utterly absurd phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, the latest apparently being Britney Spears with her new
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Real Punishment Spanking for yelling at my Top


During an e-mail exchange with Dana, I used all caps in to emphasize my displeasure with not getting my way. Dana believes this is a universal form of technological communication indicative of yelling.  I tried not to agree with this – not even to myself.  But it became clear fairly quickly that this was not going to be beneficial to
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Spanking Glitches Fixed at DanaKaneSpanks.com


The glitches have been fixed with the DanaKaneSpanks members website.  Slow streaming and freezing video players no more.  There is a format for everything, including downloadable spanking clips if all else fails.  You can see most of my spanking videos there if you haven’t already, and for existing members – you have the chance for a free membership extension if you can guess
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Spanking Experiment – Willow


As some of you might know; I have been conducting a spanking experiment with a former Top gracious enough to oblige this request.  We are conditioning my bottom, in advance, so that Dana and I don’t run into any of the issues that prevented us from filming to full capacity last time – namely, obnoxious bruises.  This day we experimented with
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My Spanking Experiment


It happens to be the case that last time I visited Dana, we encountered quite a conundrum. A lot of factors were evilly coming into play making filming all the scenes we were intending to film, well – not possible. The biggest challenge was that I was bruising, and quite abnormally on the very first day of spankings.  The very first spanking
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