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2 week healing stages of severe spanking: Warning – GRAPHIC!



There is not too much information out there on spanking injuries that are caused intentionally or accidentally.  So, I decided to create something based on a severe spanking I recieved (non-punishment).  I’m sure I could have been more thorough but life gets in the way.  These spanking injuries occured intentionally during a session I was having with Ms. Mona Rogers (http://MsMonaRogers.com).

I had reached that headspace where pain was shifting into all sorts of sensations that did not allow for my body to signal to my brain that I was being injured.  When Mistress Mona asked me if I wanted Her to stop, I replied: “Oh no. Why?  Am I bruising easily?” Her response was: “No, honey. I broke through your bruises.  You’re bleeding.”  I was so taken aback that I almost didn’t believe Her.  I couldn’t move though because as soon as the impact stopped, the pain began to register.  While this was processing, Mistress Mona took the image of my ass on Her cell phone to show to me – since I obviously couldn’t see it any other way. I was completely in awe.

I decided this was the perfect opportunity to document the wounds and illustrate my own personal process of healing – which included drinking tons of water, resting and consuming many vitamins including K3 and D3.  As a note – the bulk of the damage was created from wood implements. I still have some very slightly discolored skin that is still healing after 2 months as the natural pigment is gradually returning.  I do not advise anyone to try this who does not have a high tolerance for pain or who is not in the hands of a skilled, trustworthy Top/Domme (and not to be prejudicial – Dom).  A severe spanking such as this is not something to be taken lightly.

If you would like to look at the images for longer than the slideshow allows or you need more time to read in between images, simply let the mouse hover over the image and it will act as a sort of pause button.


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4 Responses to “2 week healing stages of severe spanking: Warning – GRAPHIC!”

  1. mooskisub says:

    Thank you for sharing this..Showing that people who like severe punishment need to look after themselves if they want to play again.

    And for the insight of what products to use.

    You rock Angel.


    • AngelSpanked says:

      You are quite welcome! From the way things are going with you, looks like you’re gonna need some help… 😉

      • mooskiballs says:

        I have never taken so much as I did that day with Ms Kane…I don’t think there is anybody in Britain who could do that..so trips to the States it will have to be..

        But by the look of what the lady did to you then I have a long way to go before anywhere near you..

        I do envy you ladies living in the States sometimes..

        Mooskiballs xx

  2. Jake says:

    Very pretty.
    More please.

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