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Inappropriate Doll Fantasies Part1

This is what I would have been doing if they had these dolls when I was kid (well a “real” kid anyway, I still have never quite grown up). I was stuck with Barbie, but it sufficed at the time. No bother, experience has taught me the best way to pose them. It’s going to be awkward when there is
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A dedication to the first pet that truly captured my heart

I miss my little one every day, and although I am surrounded by much love from many, many animals that I absolutely cherish and adore – there is an little piece of my heart that collapsed in on itself when she passed. I’d like to honor her memory.  I wrote this when she was still here with me.  I thought
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What I did in College:


Once upon a time I was bored in English Class. My professor was not amused. Apparently, one of us was paying attention and it was not me. Nope, I didn’t get spanked. Nope, I didn’t stop drawing in English Class. Did end up going to my professor’s house one day, sharing my S&M experiences with her and learning that her
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