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The Importance of Not Taking Yourself too Seriously

Sometimes, regrettably so – those in this industry in positions (self-imposed or otherwise) of authority take themselves too seriously.  I have found this to be the rule, as opposed to the exception.  Some Tops believe too much in their power, in a way that (ironically) is not empowering.  One does not have to be a bitch to be dominant.  One
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Fifty Shades of BULLSHIT


I’m going to go on a little rant here. It will be brief, only because I don’t quite have the energy to get into it all right now.  But my mind is spinning.  I am completely flabbergasted that this so-called piece of “literature” has taken the world by storm, which is only further confirmation that the world is full of
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M.A.D Given all this controversy surrounding The Very Bad Boy’s organization of S.A.D (Subs against Delrin) – I have decided that it was time to start a sub-group (no pun intended) properly entitled M.A.D (Members Against Discipline).   But don’t take this the wrong way.  I’m not really all that against discipline… unless I don’t feel like being disciplined – which
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“Accountability” in Vegas w/Ms. Dana Kane

I have decided that I would write a post about my upcoming trip to Vegas. As some of you might already know, in a few weeks I will be visiting Ms. Dana Kane. We will be doing some filming based on a variety of different themes. While there will be some light-hearted content and role-play scenarios – our filming schedule
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Thoughts on age-play/regression & Ms. Dana Kane’s related POV’s

Thoughts on age-play/regression & Ms. Dana Kane’s related POV’s Part One:  I am putting it into two posts, for those of you who can’t stand reading extremely long posts. Anyone who has known me for a while will know that I have heavily dabbled with age-play and regression, minus most of the physical aspects attributed to full-fledged infantilism. While things
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Part TWO: Thoughts on age-play/regression & Ms. Dana Kane’s related POV’s

Part 2 That was that. I was never “punished” when I was in Vegas, either. But I did have two minor regression episodes. The first was hiding her hairbrush. I greatly detest that thing and it’s forever associated with a spanking I got in NY after probably 87 times of being told rather nicely to stop testing her patience. She
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Part 2 – Angel runs the Gauntlet CLIP

Angel runs the Gauntlet Part 2 This clip is on the more severe side.  Part one (which can be found by scrolling though the pages of Seventh Terrace) begins the physical trials and we cut it when the intensity might not be suitable for those viewers who prefer more mild spankings. Held in a peculiar but effective form of bondage
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My “Holiday” Sentiments

Happy Independence Day to those of us who are are not yet disillusioned and still believe that freedom is anything more than a love-affair with Denial. We are all slaves, if not to some person… then to some system, some philosophy, some religion, some emotion, some drug, some disease, some thing. You can cheat on Reality with Fantasies, but Hell
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