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A Dominatrix does it on Command

Missing Mistress Isabella Sinclaire Very fond memories with her over the years. Amazing Woman. Exceptional Dominatrix. Worthy of Missing. Eating pistachios and crying over the fact that I can’t pry them open and just ripped off a nail trying. Made me think of her awesome advertisement and wish that I was so handy with a single-tail. I’d keep it around
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CAUGHT in the closet “playing” w/my naughty cousin


Aunt Dana doesn’t allow my cousin and I to do many fun things around her house, especially not play in her off-limits closet.  But we get terribly bored and thinking she can’t find out, we get caught red-handed, or in this case, red-bottomed – as we playfully spank each other.  We are just messing around so we don’t quite expect to
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A little ditty about “Topping from the Bottom.”

I’d just thought I’d take a moment to post this. I wrote it back in February as a response to Dana Kane’s blog post. I never posted it and since I’m in need of content and it came up in conversation recently, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity. It might not be well received by a lot
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Response to: Conversations w/Spankos Chapter 12

FULL Response to Dana Kane’s Conversation with Spankos Chapter 12, which can be found here: Interesting Topic that I’ve felt compelled to respond to, since half the spanking world now knows myself and The Very Bad Boy as the community’s most determined, sometimes blindly unaware, brats.  I’m not sure about TheVBB, but I don’t think I’d be going out
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The Experience of Continued Pain & The Delrin Punishment

    I am in one of those modes where I perseverate on concepts. Lately, this particular concept has been punishment – if for no other reason than I have recently experienced a punishment that I, regrettably, underestimated. There’s no avoiding it now, especially because the punisher (Ms. Dana Kane) has taken liberties to make it public domain, as part
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My New Organization: S.A.S.S.Y


Considering doomsday is approaching – I have decided to create a new group, with the hope that my sincere repentance will influence the sympathy of Ms. Dana Kane and encourage her to realize that the delrin punishment being made public – well, it just might be slightly harsh.  Hopefully she will see that this “harshness” goes against her gentle and
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How the thought process influences a “punishment.”


This is something I had written quite a while ago regarding an experience I had with a pro-Domme whom I also have a somewhat personal relationship with.  It’s primarily about perception and the impact that the mind has on physical experiences.  I cut out a huge chunk of the beginning of it so it seems to start in the middle of nowhere. 
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