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Spanking for Attitude Adjustment


This blog entry is actually inspired by the title of one of Dana’s clips that she did with her bottom’s bottom. You can click on the picture link or see  it here: I have yet to see the clip but I sure understand the premise. If the title is accurate, it would appear that he is receiving 100 strokes with
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Little Angel’s 3rd diary entry – Slutty Schoolgirl Morning:

sluttysgmorning2 (1)

Now I’m starting to get really mad. Like, I seriously have no idea what this crazy lady expects of me. All I did was get ready to go to school this morning, which was totally exactly what I always do. I didn’t wake up late, I got all my homework done and StepMommy came in and flew into another one of her
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Free Spanking Video: “It’s a Wrap!”

Spanking bruises, welts, and woes:


Disclaimer: This bruising had nothing to do with Dana. It’s an old pic, pre Vitamin K, pre Dana. However, this blog title is inspired by her latest video clip: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – since this rhyme is consistently looping through my brain since she tweeted it I decided to write a short post on bruising and welting relating
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Angel’s Spanking Poll: What is your favorite reason to watch me get a spanking?

I’ve always been interested to know why people like to watch other people get spanked.  In particular, I’m curious to know why people like to watch me get spanked. I was really quite surprised and flattered when so many people approached me at Boardwalk Badness and commented on my spanking videos (blushing). When I enjoy watching others get a spanking,
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Little Angel’s 2nd Diary Entry: Sneaking in the Boyfriend


Chapter Two: I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I didn’t take StepMommy seriously enough, even after I got spanked practically as soon as I entered her  and daddy’s house. I thought she was going out with daddy tonight, so I called my boyfriend (well my West Coast boyfriend, anyway) and invited him over. We met online and hadn’t seen
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Boardwalk Badness Weekend & More


BoardWalk Badness Review: Boardwalk badness was my first official spanking only event. While I have been to more than my fair share of fetish and BDSM events, from the most discrete and private parties to the biggest among them: Black & Blue Balls, BondCons, etc. (and just about everything in between), I have never been to an event that was
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