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Secrets & Privacy

Disclaimer: Non-spanking related, pre-Memoir ramblings Before I had a blog, I had a diary…  I remember when I was five writing in a small book that read “Secret Diary” on the cover and had big fat lines adaptable for small, clumsy hands – and apparently, backwards letters and nonsensical thoughts. It never occurred to me that anyone could just open
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Little Angel’s 6th Diary Entry (CinderAngel):


Like I guess telling daddy wasn’t the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. Turns out that having cupcakes shoved in my mouth while standing in the corner having my bare butt beat with wooden spoons was not the only punishment for tattling. StepMonster has been watching too many fairytales and putting her own demented spin on things. She really is the wicked stepmother
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Princess Angel & The Very Bad Whipping Boy


This post is inspired by two people: Ms. Dana Kane (for making me realize it’s been way too long since I have done any brat blogging) and The Very Bad Boy (who asked me on twitter to team up again for a good ol’ brat fest). I am always well tempted when solicited by the Very Bad Boy, the ultimate Brat
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Hanging in…


If anyone reads my twitter feed (or if you are Dana or Missy) you will know that I experience bouts of depression – sometimes, rather severe at that. I often have reasons, but sometimes it feels more like a chemical invasion of stuff tyring to liquify my brain.  The past few days it’s been a combination of both, but I’m
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Search Term Mania:

I thought it would be fun to share some of the somewhat interesting search terms that lead readers to my blog. So I decided every now and again to pick out my favorites and share them with you. I am easily amused. delrin hurts punishment (Yes, it does. Would the genius who typed this in please come forward so we
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Spanking as a consensual supplement to clinical therapy?

In this post I plan to discuss how spanking has evolved. From what I remember, spanking used to be a standalone fetish activity strictly connected to a sexual experience – or so that is how it was made to be perceived. These spanking experiences were usually delivered at the hands of a professional dominatrix for a somewhat exorbitant fee – a
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Little Angel’s 5th Diary Entry: (Cupcake Cornertime)


Well I finally did it last night. After StepMonster when all Joan Crawford on me, I had to tell daddy. I’ve never seen anybody so freakin’ crazy, not even those freaks in the subway stations at Times Square. She thinks I am doing all sorts of bad things with boys and I’m not. But she won’t believe me and my
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Results of Spanking Poll:


Here are the results from the spanking poll,, on a general scale.  Really, I am going to focus on the first half of the results, which take up the largest sections of the pie-chart.  The main interest with over one quarter of votes as to why it appeals to my audience to watch me get spanked is… for major punishment.  I have
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Why I can’t help but love Cheyenne Jewel:


I decided that I would like to do a little something different and talk about some of the spanking models/actresses that I have worked with or that I want to work with. Hopefully they won’t mind, as this will pretty much be based entirely on flattery. Who I choose to write about is not going to be in any kind
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Grotesque Personal, Abstract “Art”


…made better in Photoshop with the awesome oil paint makeover. It’s really a whole lot easier than working with real oil paints, which can be nightmarish. I love this program. It outdoes my disconcerting emotions with the click of a filter button. If you are on this page, yes – sometimes you are just going to have to look at some
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Little Angel’s 4th Diary Entry: StepMommy Dearest


Well, she’s really gone and done it this time. StepMonster was in rare form today. For the life of me I just can’t figure out what her problem is. I really don’t understand why she hates me so much, it’s not like I ever did anything to her. Yea, I mean I guess I kind of despise her but that’s
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Non-corporal Punishment(s)


Recently I’ve been thinking about non-corporal punishments, given that domestic discipline must usually go beyond spanking alone in certain, special circumstances.  It might be the case where spanking is not enough of a detterent to stop the unwanted behavior, or where a spanking might actually act as positive reinforcement and encourage the behavior the Top is wishing to suppress in her bottom. There
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