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Vintage Spanking Porn?


  I stumbled upon this on youtube.  This was a movie made in 1911 – “Jeunes filles sans uniforme” (Young girls without uniforms).   It is clearly somewhat erotic but also pretty silly.  Not sure what exactly to make of it given the context and era.  Hope you enjoy.  

Eve spanks Adam in Garden of Eden, first evidence of F/m domestic discipline


According to the Bible (according to the book Flagellation & The Flagellants) the History of the Rod originated with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Allegedly,  Rabbinical Biblical accounts confirm the “Mother of all Mankind,” was the first to apply the rod – here laying the foundation for Wives to correct their husbands.  The book is dense and I am
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Mini Review: Dominion Street Free Video w/ Isabella Sinclaire


I recently stumbled upon Dominion Street, on Vimeo, starring the Infamous Isabella Sinclaire – a Mistress that I am quite familiar with – as some of you may or may not know.  It’s surprising to say that I had never seen this video before and it was uploaded nearly a year ago.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when
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In My Secret Life


A few posts ago, I shared with you my thoughts on “play” and its significance in the adult life.  No one can convince me it’s not therapeutic, although I know I’d very quickly be hit with judgement were anyone to investigate the way that I live inside of my head – when I can’t bear the burden of being a “grown up.” 
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Is it ever okay to try and ward off a spanking or other form of punishment….?


Is it ever okay to ask your Top: “If I tell you something do you promise I won’t be in trouble?”  I guess I’m reminiscing a bit.  I recall one of my first Vegas trips, and the StepMommy series, I hid Ms. Dana Kane’s hairbrush because I had been spanked with it once and I didn’t want a repeat performance. 
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Coping without Spanking


There are times, when – for obvious or not so obvious reasons, I go for a while without a spanking. This doesn’t mean it’s not available to me, unless of course we are talking about distance and my inability to travel at the speed of light to see Dana.  That being  said, there are other opportunities I have to play
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Original Spanking Art – by yours, truly


This woman exists only in my nightmares, or one that I had many moons ago.  I commited her to memory and had drawn her then.  Now, I gave her a little more life in Photoshop.  Enjoy!  I need a little break from writing considering I’ve been spending 3-4, and sometimes 6 consecutive hours a day – as I was “advised” by Ms. Dana –
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Bedtime, Interrupted Spanked by Step Mother


I don’t know if any of this is real.  StepMonster is staring to make me lose my mind. Even when I do what she says, it’s not really that good. She spanked me senseless in the bath and I wasn’t even bad, and she scrubbed me really hard.  But she was a little nice at first and now I just
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Roman Mistresses and Punishments of their Female Slaves


I’ve recently stumbled upon a book, Flagellation & The Flagellants: A History of the Rod. This book is intensive historically – but not exactly the most interest-capturing read, as it hits some serious dry spells and undermines its potential with tedious, repetitive, almost numerical facts.  Nonetheless, it is a must-have for those interested in the antiquity of corporal punishment.  Because
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How many “spankos” were actually spanked during their youth?

spanking and spanking

  And what were the reprecussions in adulthood? As some of you might know, I’m quite interested in the history of corporal punishment –  especially how it pertains to us in childhood and later becomes fetishized.  To be spanked as a child can be, emphasis on the can, a traumatizing experience.  I believe this is especially true coming out of
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Latest Spanking Punishment: Spanked for Messy Room w/Dana Kane


This was my latest spanking punishment.  On occasion, I don’t always leave the spaces around me very tidy.  I suppose Dana got a little (or a lot) tired of it, and she gave me a good hiding.   My sore bottom wasn’t the only thing bruised; my ego took a blow or two as she she yanked down my skin-tight pink
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