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A dedication to the first pet that truly captured my heart

I miss my little one every day, and although I am surrounded by much love from many, many animals that I absolutely cherish and adore – there is an little piece of my heart that collapsed in on itself when she passed. I’d like to honor her memory.  I wrote this when she was still here with me.  I thought she was going to be a lap-dog when we got her, but she preferred to sleep at the edge of the bed and only get particularly excited about your presence after you had been gone a long while.  Her affection was on her terms and it was easy for her to command it when you looked into those striking, brown almost-human eyes.  And when she was angry, she was spiteful but very cute.  If you’ve never loved an animal, you won’t understand the deep pain that comes with the loss.  If you have, there’s nothing left for me to say.


That creature whose bold eyes sparkle with proud defiance, accepting love only when it suits her attitudes – and offering it only when she needs to feel coveted by the cloak of beastly royalty.  Little Napoleon captures my heart, enraptures my consciousness with her unspoken language.  Forever devoted to her gently hostile spirit, she binds me with an unyielding loyalty towards her embellished passions that demand natural adoration.©Angel2012

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