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A Unique Session with an amazing Deviant Mistress and special “guy friend.”


The other day, I had the privilege of sessioning with one of NYC’s finest Domina’s.  I was with a friend of mine, a guy friend – and we pretty much went to see her as a “couple.”  This was a rare treat for me, as I’ve mostly been involved in strictly domestic discipline scenes.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve found myself in BDSM territory – but I have absolutely no regrets.


The session consisted mostly of predicament bondage and corporal punishment.  The Mistress is a well-known Domina – enchantingly beautiful and utterly deviant.   I was dressed in a pretty purple corset with stockings, garters and boots.  She was dressed in a full latex catsuit with a red and black corset – looking remarkably stunning and hypnotic.

She went to work right away – tying my male friend to a chair and then making me kneel in front of him, tying me to him so that our bodies were intimately intertwined.  She spent a good amount of time intricately creating her bondage scenario and tying us so tightly that it was literally impossible to move by even an inch.  Our faces were pressed together, bound with rope – so that we couldn’t even shift our heads. 

Once she was satisfied with her bondage, she came close to me and whispered in my ear that provoking her the night before her had gotten me punished.  She had a long, thin wooden paddle that she said she was going to use to punish me.  She whispered the words in my ear.  I could feel her breath against my neck as her seductive tone caused a chill to go through me.  My heart started to race rapidly when I realized I couldn’t move a muscle in my body to protest.  She told me that she wanted me to feel the punishment and proceeded to spank me with the paddle until the sweat was dripping from my face onto my partner’s naked chest. I whimpered as the strokes landed – lightly at first but rapidly building in intensity until my moans became yelps.  My body was struggling beneath the rope, shaking to the capacity that it could despite its restriction.

Eventually, she had stopped spanking me and released us from our predicaments – only to put us in another compromising position.  She stepped out of the room momentarily, returning with two pairs of wrist cuffs.  She put his on first, grabbing one of his hands and putting one cuff on.  He raised his other hand, instinctively, in a gesture to assist her – but she slapped him gently and told him she didn’t need his help.  When it was time to put the cuffs on me, I held my hands at my side – afraid to move without her permission.  I told her I was afraid and she seductively told me that she was the Puppet Master and she would manipulate our bodies without any input from us.

She then tied us both to a suspension unit, our bodies bound together with her rope and then hoisted us until we were supported only by our tip-toes.  She put a blindfold on him first. I thought I had escaped the sensory deprivation, but she soon let me know she hadn’t forgotten.  Improvising, she took my fuzzy purple cover off of my lexan paddle and wrapped it around my eyes.  I struggled against her for a minute, but it only caused my partner to have his body extended in an agonizing way.  I stopped resisting and let her tie the makeshift blindfold around my eyes. She then spent a good, long time spanking us.  She used her hand to spank the lower parts of our bottoms, often striking our upper thighs – causing a loud symphony of gasps and screams that seemed to amuse her.  She continued to use various implements on us after her own hand had enough.  At one point she used a leather belt and rawhide cane, evoking an unrestrained scream from both of us.  She told him to be quiet and take it like a man, and she told me to take it like a big girl.

By the time she released us from the suspension, our hands were numb, our bodies wobbly and our minds out of sorts.  She directed us over to the bondage bed where she had us lay on our backs, our faces pressed together.  She climbed on top of us so that she could secure us with rope.  Her gorgeous cleavage exposed in her tight cat-suit caused natural shocks to course through my body, lodging in areas that normally lay dormant.  Between her absolute unparalleled beauty and the torment my body had just endured, I felt ready to collapse.

My partner and I were both in need of hydration.  She sensed this and climbed on top of me with champagne in her mouth and instructed me to open mine.  I eagerly obeyed as she poured the stream of liquid from her mouth to mine – inciting this kind of arousal I had forgotten existed.  She did the same to my male friend, allowing him water because he didn’t drink.  After we had a taste of revival, the Mistress decided she would use electricity to torture us – and had us play a game where we had to answer her questions.  If we did not get them right, our partner was subjected to the punishment of an increase in voltage.  We lost that game, miserably. My breasts and his nipples got a fair does of punishment. 

And how the session ended… well, that part is private.

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