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Angel’s New Spanking Blog!

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I have put up a new blog to discuss my random thoughts. This particular blog will be dedicated to no one in particular and will be catered mostly to spanking and anything (and everything) related to spanking.  I intend to promote the sites I find fabulous, write reviews based on books, websites and blogs (for better or worse), and post my thoughts on relevant topics within the BDSM and spanking community.


 I intend to explore the fantasies and fetishes related to spanking and how childhood discipline or lack thereof contributes to the strong, often insatiable desires one has to be spanked and the psychological or psycho-erotic reasons behind it. if you are interested in learning more, keep reading.  Otherwise, feel free to browse.


Now, while I realize this blog is very distinctly titled “Angel’s New Spanking Blog,” it is the case that I will write about whatever the hell I want, whether it has to do with spanking or not because:

Sorry, I just had to to put that in there.  It’s probably the best sign ever created and I am collecting various similar ones from the streets of NYC every time I find one. This one is particularly relevant because at some point you have to stop being so profoundly affected by the judgements others place on you. If you haven’t felt this way at some point in your life, the day will come and you might find yourself with that subtly psychotic yet nonchalant look like this poster housewife from the 50’s is sporting. So really, for anyone who does not like this blog, or what I have to say, or finds that it’s not catered to his or her particular interest – I really, honestly, don’t care. If you’re not smart enough to locate the X button on the upper right hand corner of the page, you really can’t be helped anyway.

That being said, the majority of posts will be either directly or indirectly related to spanking in some way, shape or form.  There are many ways that I relate to spanking personally and so you will find a variety of information here: from domestic discipline, to fantasy age play/regression to extremely erotic experiences. I will also discuss different perspectives within the scene having been involved as a voyeur, a client, a submissive, a slave, a bottom, a spanking “actress,” someone who has worked in professional dungeons in numerous capacities and someone who has been and is currently heavily involved in lifestyle D/s.

Those who know me will know that I don’t conform (and those who don’t will quickly find out): not to the vanilla world, not to the BDSM world and not to the world of domestic discipline – and that is why I can’t cram myself into the mold of one specific category, which might make me seem contradictory at times.  Indeed that might be the case. According to one “psychic” (true story) – I have been labeled (or perhaps judged) as a “walking contradiction.”  I felt insulted by that until I realized it was true and that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, although indeed it can be as many can attest to – myself included (I may claim to be a lot of things – perfect will never be one of them).

We are the creation of our actions, not the products of other people’s evaluations and we must take responsibility for the adults that we have become, pride ourselves on our achievements and own our mistakes. What I want to express here is that my spanking “fetish” is very much a part of my identity and it has caused me both grief and joy, frustration and acceptance. But I am not confined by my fetish. I am a multidimensional being (in the “vanilla” sense as well) and while spanking is a part of my existence, it is not all there is to me nor is it my sole connection to my interest in BDSM or D/s.  You will hear me discussing terms such as these, along with “bottom,” “submissive,” “player,” “slave,” “switch,” “SAM,” “Top,” “Dominatrix,” “Mistress,” “Disciplinarian,” and other relevant terms in our community.  I will attempt to define myself in relation to these terms in general and also define myself in terms of my relations with those whom I have interacted with.  For we cannot truly define ourselves in relation to the world if we cannot use others as a psychological tool to give us perspective and insight into ourselves. Hopefully, we can do the same for them.

Most of my writing is very intense, although I am going to make a conscious effort to add some humor because my melodrama tends to drive some people nuts (yeah, yeah, myself included), although I find it quite befitting of my own personal reality and it is one way that I cope when things get a little bumpy for me emotionally.  I’m sure every now and again I might feel the need to stray and write something that might not have any particular rhyme or reason.  And I hope that you will find it worth reading.  If not – refer to above sign 😉  After-all, I can’t  help it.  I am a writer, not by trade (at least not yet) – but by instinct and compulsion.

Therefore I will vomit all sorts of thoughts on this blog – those that are about spanking (and there will be many of them, as I promised) are not meant to be written to gratify your sexual urges. If that happens as side-effect of ingesting the deeper meaning behind the content of my work, I will accept that with a sense of pride and satisfaction. But if you are strictly seeking to get off, do a google search and you will find numerous blogs – most of which will be exclusively catered to your desires.

I’m not knocking anyone who might have an overtly sexual interest in spanking.  On a personal level there have been times where I could relate to this, although it is absolutely very low on the totem pole for reasons I desire to be spanked.

As someone in the business, I do not find spanking pornographic in nature despite the fact that even the slightest spanking and element of nudity gets labeled as “spanking porn.” I fall into that category because it is out of my control, but in no way do I consent to the definition. There is a personal boundary that exists for me as a professional who does not want to move into the realm of pornography.  I understand that spanking has sexual overtones and undertones but that does not mean I am comfortable with it.

I especially dislike hardcore porn that is sloppy and raunchy and has somehow incorporated spanking. Once again, pornography is not my thing – in general. I know most spanking “actors” are actively engaging or have actively engaged in porn at some point.  I have absolutely no lost respect for them and some of them are just quite fabulous – beautiful/handsome/intellectual/comedic/engaging… I could go on and on.   But I mostly prefer my spankings with a little bit of dignity and class (I don’t mean that in the vulgar way – I just mean no sex, no full-on nudity), and contrary to that (feel free to call ME classless now) – sometimes even, with elements of the grotesque (deep purple/black bruises, raised welts and even blood). But never with sex… although, I am a little less prudish with sensual/mildly erotic spankings. They are an absolutely wonderful and often indescribable experience – and as long as there is no heavy bumping and grinding, I will begrudgingly endure them 😉

It feels a bit like I am being dishonest when I say this because my body betrays me with dripping wet desire even when I have no interest in incorporating sex into a scene. Although this is perplexing, my level of arousal prior to, during or after a spanking is never indicative of my desire for anything overtly sexual in nature (were that the case, I should transition to real spanking porn).

But I never prefer my spankings with sex because for some of us, the psychology behind the need/want/desire to be spanked is independent of it. I fall into that category. That does not mean it is not a sexual experience; it means I just don’t believe in “spanking porn.” I believe it is acceptable for spanking to be included in porn, but find it highly distasteful when porn is included in spanking.  Does that make me some sort of a spanking elitist?  Probably.  Is that okay?  I don’t see why not.

Other than that, feel free to enjoy my interest in spanking (and insanity – as I also tend to “philosophize” by nature – which leads to a lot of messy, mental chaos that you may or may not be able to decipher).  Besides writing about spanking and all things related – I write cryptic poetry and draw/paint absurd things – which you probably will have to contend with if you choose to be a frequent visitor to this blog.  I mean, you don’t have to look, but if you wanna get a glimpse of crazy, you might not be able to refrain.

I will also be writing about the wonderful interactions I have with some amazing Dommes/Tops currently and throughout the years. I am not going to focus on any one relationship in particular – rather experiences If I am ever to write a blog about a specifically intimate D/s relationship, it will be credited with its own separate domain.  Right now I will be focusing on past, present and possibly future experiences to inform, educate and entertain those of you who have found your way here and decided to stick around.

Hopefully I will be able to post pics, previews, video links and possibly audio files who your viewing/listening pleasure.  If you are interested in custom content or in a professional live session with myself and a skilled Dominant – you many inquire with your specific interest. If you have an interest, feel free to vist my: Custom Content and Professional Session Page.

As an aside: Don’t be offended if I write about you.  You might know who you are, but nobody else will… unless you exist in the “vanilla” world, then not even you will know because you won’t ever see any spanking blogs – in which case, that’s sad for you.  Yes, boys, you are included in the bitch list.  Relax, just kidding.  If I truly hate you – you aren’t worth my time and especially not my effort.

Ok, I might have lied a little. There is one bitch, in particular, who I won’t mind shredding with my tongue (because anything else would land me in jail). She’s a blot on humanity that can’t be legally erased – and she will probably come up in my uncategorized, off-topics such as when I talk about religion, sexuality, politics and anything that doesn’t fall directly or indirectly into the category of spanking. This bitch would be one Megan Phelps and her growing inbred family of haters. If I have any dominant or sadistic bone in my body, I would reserve it for giving her her “just desserts.” And how sweet it would be, well… not for her. For now, I’ll stick with my fantasies – of which this is one of my favorites. An original creation I Photoshopped together. The images in their raw form are not mine.

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  1. Ana says:

    Good luck and welcome to blogworld!

  2. Lazlo Files says:

    I got a feeling this blog is going to be great

  3. allen says:

    I hope you are very sucessful in your venture

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