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An old poem 2002

sorry-bitchEh, I’ve got nothing to say.  Or I’ve got much to say but not enough motivation to type it out, see?  But I’m feeling like poetry tonight, and so I’ve dug out some dusty poem I wrote.  Don’t worry.  It’s been a while.  I’m not quite so bitter anymore.



Her deference unreserved for truth
She’s become a credulous paragon of woman’s folly.
Enslaved in the custody of a milksop dilettante,
Whose bloated organs swell with a frangible pride.
The paladin of cheap perversions,
He celebrates in the hollow of her wasted womb…
A vacant, eroded inn exhausted in want,
Where many others have been christened with her sour extracts.
And her nectar will not be distilled for him –
For all purity is vanquished
Yet he quaffs with deliberate satisfaction,
Drunk on intemperate and foul desire.
With the vigor of beasts in heat,
They exchange in bountiful worldly passions
And merge in the unbridled pestilence
That makes demons of man and his doxy


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