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Angel’s First Diary Entry: Meeting StepMommy

welcomehomeChapter One:

I didn’t know what I was in for when I was sent to my father’s house, which he now shares with his new wife who insists it is her home. She’s very pretty. It’s quite clear why Daddy chose her. I don’t think he knows she’s crazy though. She actually SPANKED me nearly as soon as I stepped foot into “her” home. I’ve never been spanked. It was kinda funny, but not really becaue it started to hurt. I didn’t think a spanking could hurt someone who isn’t a toddler. But it does. She pulled my shorts down and everything and it was humiliating. I can’t believe she did that and since Daddy doesn’t approve of corporal punishment, he’s going to have to put her in her place sooner or later. I don’t want to tell him what happened just yet because I’m too embarrassed. But she better not try that crap again. And they gave me the smallest room in the house, which I am sure was her idea. I guess I will just go and get settled in and wait for Matt to come over. The witch insists I call her “Ma’am,” “Step-mother” or “Step-Mommy.” Yeah right. She won’t let me have a TV or computer in my room but at least she didn’t take my cell phone away and she left me with a blank diary. She’s coming up to inspect my “inappropriate” clothing so I better hide my lingerie in my purse so she doesn’t see it in my luggage.

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  1. Funny… this is going to be an awesomely fun read to follow…

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