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Bedtime, Interrupted Spanked by Step Mother

bedtime2bedtime1I don’t know if any of this is real.  StepMonster is staring to make me lose my mind. Even when I do what she says, it’s not really that good. She spanked me senseless in the bath and I wasn’t even bad, and she scrubbed me really hard.  But she was a little nice at first and now I just don’t know what to think.  She made me dress in little girl pajamas that had a flap to expose my butt.  I should have known what that was for, but I didn’t. 

I went to bed early. I was too afraid to argue with her about pushing up my bedtime to 8:00 for no good reason and daddy wasn’t home so I couldn’t go to him for help.  And I probably will never get help from him again after Step Mother beat me for being a tattle-tale.  Anyway, I managed to fall asleep because I was exhausted from chores and so many spankings.  But then I woke up… Step Mother was dragging me over her knee. 

But she wasn’t being mean.  She was trying to be nice, I think, but I don’t remember because my brain was too foggy. I just remember whimpering as she put me over her lap, pulled my flap down and hit my bottom really really hard while saying nice things to me like we should be friends and that I should ask her to spank me when I’ve been a bad girl.  I’m very scared and there is no one to help me.  She’s really crazy.  I know she is. I hope she never finds my diary.  But there is no one else I can tell about this.  My poor bottom is still so red and sore and now I have to go to school like this.  I hope nobody will ask me why I can’t really sit down so good.


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  1. Tim says:

    Angel yes spanked in your jammies pochies ,love and spanks,Timxouchies.

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