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Boardwalk Badness Weekend & More

BoardWalk Badness Review:

Boardwalk badness was my first official spanking only event. While I have been to more than my fair share of fetish and BDSM events, from the most discrete and private parties to the biggest among them: Black & Blue Balls, BondCons, etc. (and just about everything in between), I have never been to an event that was “strictly spanking.” I was supposed to have attended last year’s event, but a series of debacles prevented that from happening. I was certain that this year would be different and that nothing could stop me from coming, although I still had my UN-fair share of debacles prior to departure. Thankfully everything turned out all right in the end. My roommate and I picked up Dana from the airport. Her flight was delayed so we spent some extra time in Philly eating, drinking and overall being merry. A major highlight in Philadelphia was exploring the Magic Gardens, an art museum of sorts that is so monumentally indescribable that I thought it would be better to do it justice by showing a picture.  


Naturally I am now considering foregoing the 6 year interior house paint update in favor of cementing every single wall and methodically placing decorative tiles, shards of broken glass and pieces of mirror everywhere. This project would also entail some dumpster diving for miscellaneous ornamental objects, but considering I have become so thrifty after several overspending punishments and a dozen gentle and not-so-gentle lectures regarding my irresponsible spending habits, diggin’ through the trash does not seem so terribly aversive 😉

We finally arrived after hitting some minor airport traffic and were both very happy to check into our rooms, except the process took nearly 20 min. We had an overly enthusiastic wristband giver-outer who insisted on chewing our ears off despite the numerous subtle clues we kept getting about being exhausted and just wanting to go upstairs to rest and eat. I honestly thought we’d be spending the first night sleeping in the lobby. But alas we did make it to our suite and settled in with some less than stellar delivery food. After talking a bit we both hit the sack as we had to get up early because we were shooting with the fabulous Ms. Pandora Blake.

And I was quite literally a bundle of nerves as Pandora very easily engages in realistic dialogue, whereas I get tripped up and panic if I am doing a scene where I actually feel like I am acting. Of course, I will always believe that I could have done better. But it was easier than I anticipated because Pandora is so natural that she drew me into the scene rather quickly and it did not feel like acting. And it was very fun to work with her and experience her saucy attitude during role-play. I was in the corner trying not to laugh because she was so indignant. I was trying to pull off my best act of indignation as well, but after a warning I pulled back and we accepted our punishments. It was really fun. Dana and Pandora had a little extra amusement at my expense but I don’t think I’m allowed to go into detail about it just yet. On that note, I do hope that I will have the opportunity to film with her again in the future.

Then we went down to the main party in the ballroom at around eight. We had to battle some ferocious winds to get there. My legs were exposed and I was being pelted with either sand or small pebbles, I literally had to stop around the corner to catch my breath and my skirt was flying around my waist in the shape of an umbrella and might as well have been a parachute. I am pretty sure any vanilla people out on the street at that time got a pretty interesting view. And although I did the best to protect my hair it still looked like I had been caught between a tornado and electrocution. Dana managed to stay more relatively intact because she has shorter hair. Thankfully there was a bathroom where we could make ourselves presentable before going upstairs.

The first night there were a lot of introductions and getting acquainted. It seemed that Dana couldn’t move 2 feet without being stopped by someone (or at any given time five to seven someones) eager to meet her for the first time or reconnect after having either met her before at another event or having played with her at some point or another. I met some of my own admirers, which quite literally startled me and I was pretty sure at some point I would melt into the ground from embarrassment. But it was very sweet and flattering and it makes the experience of getting blog comments or twitter comments or fetlife or e-mail comments strangely real.

And I don’t really consider myself a spanking actress or model in the most literal sense, and I think people get that – what was so refreshing about it was that my “fans,” really seem to understand how real my experiences are to me. They appreciate my appreciation for the arts of role-play and domestic discipline. And to know that they like me, they really like me! Makes me want all the more to keep sharing even my most intimate spanking experiences with them. The good majority of the people that I met were down to earth, sweet, charming, endowed with great senses of humor and of course they are natural born (or some of them “made”) spanking enthusiasts. And I felt incredibly privileged, not only to be around the  professionals of the spanking/porn industries (which obviously goes without saying), but to be around people who don’t get the everyday credit they deserve for being so incredible because they might not be in the public spotlight of our spanking world. It was nice to be able to talk to somebody for a few minutes that I didn’t know from a hole in the wall and be able to shake his or her hand (or in some cases even embrace) and say: “wow you are amazing.”

The event was well organized. The videos that were played during dinner far exceeded my expectations. I read in several e-mails prior to BBW Mike Tanner boasting excessively about how good the videos were going to be, and it turns out he was entirely true to his word. My only complaint would be that I wish there were more of them because I could watch those all night, really I could. I was very impressed with the amount of effort and dedication it must have taken to pull this off. And if the videos weren’t enough amazing entertainment, the audience got the gift of seeing a live skit that had all of us in stitches. It was a compilation of all us fetlife characters that was frighteningly accurate and I’m pretty sure made everyone think at least once: “Oh, shit. Do I do that???”

Of course, I did get spanked. Dana put me over the spanking bench and used a strap and small wooden paddle on me, but naturally it was her hand that set me off balance every time she smacked my ass with it. No one can convince me she doesn’t have some kind of titanium implant in there. This was the first time I had played semi-publicly in a while, and I definitely got into the zone. I think she did too, because she seemed quite excited about a spanking bench. I got several other private spankings at the hotel, and I finally got the opportunity to explain to Dana what exactly I meant regarding punishment versus non-punishment spankings. I do plan to make that the focal point of one of my next blog posts.

When I’m not being punished, it is honestly the case that I could be spanked all day, every day – just because (well occasionally I get pissy and not in the mood, but that’s rare, all things considered). But that does not mean that I don’t understand spanking as punishments and it certainly does not mean that I do not need them, or that just because I can enjoy them in one context means that I must enjoy them in every context. Punishment spankings are legitimately punishing to me. And I was punished this weekend, but I was not spanked. I was put in the corner for half an hour and remained there miserable and regressed but obedient. I believe it had the desired effect. And I’m wondering if because I was not spanked as a punishment if that is why this weekend my appetite for spanking was nearly insatiable. I have a feeling that had I received a spanking punishment instead of corner time that I might not have been as eager for constant spanking attention, which Ms. Dana kindly obliged – because she is practically a saint.

I really couldn’t get enough spanking this weekend. I even had to go outside of my shy, reserved self and muster up all the courage I had to ask Pandora if she would be willing to spank me with the new strap that she was sporting. She happily fulfilled my request after receiving it back from Dana.  She gave it to Dana to borrow and try – as we all know Dana can’t resist things like that. Pandora then gave me a few hardy licks with a warning because the strap was so heavy and durable, but at that point the more I was struck, the higher I was feeling every time I was hit. She stopped at six because we were all just about ready to collapse and it was the end of the ballroom party, but I could have gone on forever. And when we got back to the hotel Dana had to spank me with the magic wire wand I bought her a year ago, which ended up surprising both of us as it is quite fierce (and might I add, flexible and fascinating) implement. 

Overall, it was an amazing experience that exceeded my expectations.  And in spite of a few minor glitches: wardrobe malfunction that almost invoked a tantrum because I couldn’t find anything to match my white ribbons (and I refused to go the party if I couldn’t tie them around my pigtails), and that “time of the month” heinously descending upon me – it was awesome. All I am sayin’ is that the frekin’ sun better be out next year.

Oh yeah, I got spanked in my Bunny PJ’s on the Balcony of our hotel suite.  Yay 🙂



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