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Call for… Custom Spanking Video Requests

I will be returning to Vegas to visit with Ms. Dana Kane sometime in September.  We are currently accepting applications for F/f custom spanking /corporal punishment videos.  If you are interested, please click the link below for specific requirments and to fill out the appropriate form.  Or you may Contact Me directly.  Limited Availability.




Roleplay scenarios and real punishment scenarios accepted.  My personal favorites are domestic discipline and ageplay.  Here are some general ideas that fit within our limits.  No sexual content permitted and I do not do full nudity, under any circumstances.

Common Relationship Scenarios (But feel free to suggest something non-traditional):

  • Step (Mother)/Daughter
  • Teacher/Student
  • Babysitter , Guardian or Governess/charge
  • Boss/Employee
  • Dana Kane & Angel (real life interaction for real life offenses) ** spend some time reading my blog or going through my Twitter feed and you’ll easily be able to figure out what my real life offenses are likely to be by Setember;)


  • Spanking (hand, implements)
  • Paddling  (with or without holes: wood, lexan. rubber)
  • Caning (traditional, Delrin)
  • Birching (birch, willow)
  • Mouth Soaping
  • Corner Time
  • Writing Lines


  • OTK
  • Standing
  • Lying over a bed or ottoman
  • Bent over piece of furniture (chair couch)


Typical scene length: 15 minutes

Visit: http://danakanespanks.com to preview some of the videos we have done together and gauge whether or not this would be something of interest to you.


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