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New obsession: #GameofThrones Fantasy #BDSM Mistress #DaenerysTargaryen, my latex #Khaleesi

Khaleesi latex

If anyone follows me on Twitter (@spankedangel) it should be fairly obvious by now that my new obsession is HBO’s mega-hit series, Game of Thrones. More specifically, my actual obsession is with Daenerys Targaryen ~ a character that I hope will ultimately end up fulfilling my fantasy and claiming what seems to be Her birthright as Lord of the Seven
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Vintage Spanking Porn?


  I stumbled upon this on youtube.  This was a movie made in 1911 – “Jeunes filles sans uniforme” (Young girls without uniforms).   It is clearly somewhat erotic but also pretty silly.  Not sure what exactly to make of it given the context and era.  Hope you enjoy.  

Original Spanking Art – by yours, truly


This woman exists only in my nightmares, or one that I had many moons ago.  I commited her to memory and had drawn her then.  Now, I gave her a little more life in Photoshop.  Enjoy!  I need a little break from writing considering I’ve been spending 3-4, and sometimes 6 consecutive hours a day – as I was “advised” by Ms. Dana –
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Princess Angel & The Very Bad Whipping Boy


This post is inspired by two people: Ms. Dana Kane (for making me realize it’s been way too long since I have done any brat blogging) and The Very Bad Boy (who asked me on twitter to team up again for a good ol’ brat fest). I am always well tempted when solicited by the Very Bad Boy, the ultimate Brat
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Grotesque Personal, Abstract “Art”


…made better in Photoshop with the awesome oil paint makeover. It’s really a whole lot easier than working with real oil paints, which can be nightmarish. I love this program. It outdoes my disconcerting emotions with the click of a filter button. If you are on this page, yes – sometimes you are just going to have to look at some
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My first age-play video for a real life offense

Excited to announce this is my first age-play video related to real-life offenses as opposed to strictly role-play scenes.  It was a very interesting, profound and somewhat painful experience.  The costume made me feel particularly vulnerable, which always reducues my pain tolerance.  So although this particular scene is strictly hand-spanking – it was a very worthy hand-spanking that left both
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Inappropriate Doll Fantasies Part1

This is what I would have been doing if they had these dolls when I was kid (well a “real” kid anyway, I still have never quite grown up). I was stuck with Barbie, but it sufficed at the time. No bother, experience has taught me the best way to pose them. It’s going to be awkward when there is
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What I did in College:


Once upon a time I was bored in English Class. My professor was not amused. Apparently, one of us was paying attention and it was not me. Nope, I didn’t get spanked. Nope, I didn’t stop drawing in English Class. Did end up going to my professor’s house one day, sharing my S&M experiences with her and learning that her
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