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True BDSM F/f F/m “Domination” story – sex slave #Memoir


This is a true story, related to you with trimmings of poetic license and elegant artistry. Long before the existence of Fifty Shades of Grey. This piece focuses on my earlier experiences as an S&M slave with a renowned Mistress to whom I was her personal subject. I was in my early (very early) 20’s, younger than the beloved Anastasia
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I’m baaaaaaaaaaack…….. at least for now


Well, Most of you are probably wondering where I have been… besides twitter. I’d like to say the Brazilian jungle, since for a good portion of last year I was living with insects I didn’t even know existed, a ghost whose grave was unearthed underneath my porch and a mysterious wild animal living under the loveseat that might (or might
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Hear My Name – Spanking Music Video. Hot, Hot!


Sorry, everyone… I have had several monumental and life changing events taking place simultaneously. I’ll be out of commission for a while, until the dust settles… literally. No worries, “all good things, all good things.” Thought I would post this fun video with the 90 seconds of spare time that I have. I don’t understand what this has to do
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2 Broke Girls: I wish Max would spank me!


One of my favorite scenes from my new favorite show: 2 Broke Girls She needs to work on her technique and spank a little (a lot) harder since she’s now interjected herself into my fantasies  

A Unique Session with an amazing Deviant Mistress and special “guy friend.”


  The other day, I had the privilege of sessioning with one of NYC’s finest Domina’s.  I was with a friend of mine, a guy friend – and we pretty much went to see her as a “couple.”  This was a rare treat for me, as I’ve mostly been involved in strictly domestic discipline scenes.  It’s been quite some time
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Popeye Spanks Sweet Pea clip on YouTube


Popeye Spanks Sweet Pea! Did growing up with spanking in the media influence your fetish?  I will honestly say that I did get a thrill out of watching spanking scenes in cartoons and on TV when I was a child, or even hearing threats pertaining to a naughty one getting a spanking.  I was actually very attentive to what I
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Spanking Experiment – Willow


As some of you might know; I have been conducting a spanking experiment with a former Top gracious enough to oblige this request.  We are conditioning my bottom, in advance, so that Dana and I don’t run into any of the issues that prevented us from filming to full capacity last time – namely, obnoxious bruises.  This day we experimented with
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My Spanking Experiment


It happens to be the case that last time I visited Dana, we encountered quite a conundrum. A lot of factors were evilly coming into play making filming all the scenes we were intending to film, well – not possible. The biggest challenge was that I was bruising, and quite abnormally on the very first day of spankings.  The very first spanking
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Collateral Damage: Musings of the Broken-Hearted


I’m pleased to announce my first published e-book – Collateral Damage: Musings of the Broken Hearted. This is not for the faint of heart.  If you are a fan for spanking alone, I would not recommend for you to try and dabble in it.  It’s fairly intense and a little disturbing, written in a prose/poetry style.  However, all clouds have
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Non-corporal Punishments & How it helped me create my first e-Book


As some of you might know, the last time I visited with Ms. Dana Kane  – I was subjected to both corporal and non-corporal punishments.   For those of you who do not know, you may visit this link where you can find one such example of me having spent about 3 hours on this chore that did not, even a
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Eve spanks Adam in Garden of Eden, first evidence of F/m domestic discipline


According to the Bible (according to the book Flagellation & The Flagellants) the History of the Rod originated with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Allegedly,  Rabbinical Biblical accounts confirm the “Mother of all Mankind,” was the first to apply the rod – here laying the foundation for Wives to correct their husbands.  The book is dense and I am
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In My Secret Life


A few posts ago, I shared with you my thoughts on “play” and its significance in the adult life.  No one can convince me it’s not therapeutic, although I know I’d very quickly be hit with judgement were anyone to investigate the way that I live inside of my head – when I can’t bear the burden of being a “grown up.” 
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Is it ever okay to try and ward off a spanking or other form of punishment….?


Is it ever okay to ask your Top: “If I tell you something do you promise I won’t be in trouble?”  I guess I’m reminiscing a bit.  I recall one of my first Vegas trips, and the StepMommy series, I hid Ms. Dana Kane’s hairbrush because I had been spanked with it once and I didn’t want a repeat performance. 
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Coping without Spanking


There are times, when – for obvious or not so obvious reasons, I go for a while without a spanking. This doesn’t mean it’s not available to me, unless of course we are talking about distance and my inability to travel at the speed of light to see Dana.  That being  said, there are other opportunities I have to play
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How many “spankos” were actually spanked during their youth?

spanking and spanking

  And what were the reprecussions in adulthood? As some of you might know, I’m quite interested in the history of corporal punishment –  especially how it pertains to us in childhood and later becomes fetishized.  To be spanked as a child can be, emphasis on the can, a traumatizing experience.  I believe this is especially true coming out of
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New Spanking Video Coming Soon: Thank You, Missy


I am in the process of giving my blog a little makeover.  Well, maybe a big makeover.  The bad news is that the perfectionist in me is not finding a redesign that I love.  And just when I was close, the theme I do like is not compatible with mobile devices… so I am more than slightly annoyed.  The good news is that
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Spanking for Attitude Adjustment


This blog entry is actually inspired by the title of one of Dana’s clips that she did with her bottom’s bottom. You can click on the picture link or see  it here: I have yet to see the clip but I sure understand the premise. If the title is accurate, it would appear that he is receiving 100 strokes with
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Spanking bruises, welts, and woes:


Disclaimer: This bruising had nothing to do with Dana. It’s an old pic, pre Vitamin K, pre Dana. However, this blog title is inspired by her latest video clip: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – since this rhyme is consistently looping through my brain since she tweeted it I decided to write a short post on bruising and welting relating
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Angel’s Spanking Poll: What is your favorite reason to watch me get a spanking?

I’ve always been interested to know why people like to watch other people get spanked.  In particular, I’m curious to know why people like to watch me get spanked. I was really quite surprised and flattered when so many people approached me at Boardwalk Badness and commented on my spanking videos (blushing). When I enjoy watching others get a spanking,
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1st New Blog Post 2013: To be Punished or NOT to be Punished?

Happy new year everyone:   I do not work well with New Year’s resolutions, but I am going to make concerted effort this year to try to dedicate more of my time to this blog – along with other important endeavors in my life that I neglected last year.  Not because it’s a resolution, just because it’s time.  That being
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Bruises & Badges


Thought I’d take a little time out to talk about marks after a corporal scene or session (punishment or not).  I was recently (and not so recently) “anonymously” questioned on my mental status because I am able – and more importantly – willing – to wear stripes or bruises across my ass and thighs after a “spanking,” or what some
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A Dominatrix does it on Command

Missing Mistress Isabella Sinclaire Very fond memories with her over the years. Amazing Woman. Exceptional Dominatrix. Worthy of Missing. Eating pistachios and crying over the fact that I can’t pry them open and just ripped off a nail trying. Made me think of her awesome advertisement and wish that I was so handy with a single-tail. I’d keep it around
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A little ditty about “Topping from the Bottom.”

I’d just thought I’d take a moment to post this. I wrote it back in February as a response to Dana Kane’s blog post. I never posted it and since I’m in need of content and it came up in conversation recently, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity. It might not be well received by a lot
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The Experience of Continued Pain & The Delrin Punishment

    I am in one of those modes where I perseverate on concepts. Lately, this particular concept has been punishment – if for no other reason than I have recently experienced a punishment that I, regrettably, underestimated. There’s no avoiding it now, especially because the punisher (Ms. Dana Kane) has taken liberties to make it public domain, as part
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My New Organization: S.A.S.S.Y


Considering doomsday is approaching – I have decided to create a new group, with the hope that my sincere repentance will influence the sympathy of Ms. Dana Kane and encourage her to realize that the delrin punishment being made public – well, it just might be slightly harsh.  Hopefully she will see that this “harshness” goes against her gentle and
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How the thought process influences a “punishment.”


This is something I had written quite a while ago regarding an experience I had with a pro-Domme whom I also have a somewhat personal relationship with.  It’s primarily about perception and the impact that the mind has on physical experiences.  I cut out a huge chunk of the beginning of it so it seems to start in the middle of nowhere. 
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The Importance of Not Taking Yourself too Seriously

Sometimes, regrettably so – those in this industry in positions (self-imposed or otherwise) of authority take themselves too seriously.  I have found this to be the rule, as opposed to the exception.  Some Tops believe too much in their power, in a way that (ironically) is not empowering.  One does not have to be a bitch to be dominant.  One
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Fifty Shades of BULLSHIT


I’m going to go on a little rant here. It will be brief, only because I don’t quite have the energy to get into it all right now.  But my mind is spinning.  I am completely flabbergasted that this so-called piece of “literature” has taken the world by storm, which is only further confirmation that the world is full of
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M.A.D Given all this controversy surrounding The Very Bad Boy’s organization of S.A.D (Subs against Delrin) – I have decided that it was time to start a sub-group (no pun intended) properly entitled M.A.D (Members Against Discipline).   But don’t take this the wrong way.  I’m not really all that against discipline… unless I don’t feel like being disciplined – which
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“Accountability” in Vegas w/Ms. Dana Kane

I have decided that I would write a post about my upcoming trip to Vegas. As some of you might already know, in a few weeks I will be visiting Ms. Dana Kane. We will be doing some filming based on a variety of different themes. While there will be some light-hearted content and role-play scenarios – our filming schedule
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