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An old poem 2002


Eh, I’ve got nothing to say.  Or I’ve got much to say but not enough motivation to type it out, see?  But I’m feeling like poetry tonight, and so I’ve dug out some dusty poem I wrote.  Don’t worry.  It’s been a while.  I’m not quite so bitter anymore.   Them Her deference unreserved for truth She’s become a credulous
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Undecipherable Poetry

angel goth

  Unkind Minister Preaching of the Seasons Of mice and men and back again Of Rhymes and not of Reasons A twinkling of the spastic eye Will move a mountain, not So here she sits beside herself While Darkness ties its Knot Deface her with your Disaffection She’ll lap it up like wine And you’ll keep her as collateral Against
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A dedication to the first pet that truly captured my heart

I miss my little one every day, and although I am surrounded by much love from many, many animals that I absolutely cherish and adore – there is an little piece of my heart that collapsed in on itself when she passed. I’d like to honor her memory.  I wrote this when she was still here with me.  I thought
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