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Spankotherapist. Spanko-holic. Fun spanking playmate. No-nonsense Disciplinarian. Role-play enthusiast. Real-life correction & punishment Specialist. Beautiful. Strict. Maternal… Ms. Dana Kane offers something for everyone. Guaranteed to find something to suit your style on her extensive site (She offers live sessions, a variety of F/m & F/f spanking clips and full-length movies, along with taking custom requests). Click pic to go
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New obsession: #GameofThrones Fantasy #BDSM Mistress #DaenerysTargaryen, my latex #Khaleesi

Khaleesi latex

If anyone follows me on Twitter (@spankedangel) it should be fairly obvious by now that my new obsession is HBO’s mega-hit series, Game of Thrones. More specifically, my actual obsession is with Daenerys Targaryen ~ a character that I hope will ultimately end up fulfilling my fantasy and claiming what seems to be Her birthright as Lord of the Seven
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Proof that the IGNORANCE has gone too far: Fifty Shades of Grey & child pornography


I have too many gripes with Fifty Shades of Grey to list them all at the present moment. The book’s overwhelming flaws disgrace the actual BDSM community – both in its professional and personal capacity. I am choosing to focus my blog topic today on an urgent issue that perfectly exemplifies all that is wrong with the acclaim afforded to
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Edith Cadivec EROS: The Meaning of My Life


  A book I plan to eventually address, an interesting historical reference into perversion and the flagellation of minor pupils for the purposes of maternal and sexual gratification at the hands of Edith Cadivec.  

Ms. Britney Spears jumping on the S&M bandwagon – “Work Bitch” Review


I could be wrong, but I have a feeling everyone is going to try to capitalize on the remarkably annoying Fifty Shades of Gray… the NOT based on a true story (or even an iota of truth) 21st century “masterpiece.” Celebrities are now falling victim to this utterly absurd phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, the latest apparently being Britney Spears with her new
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Vintage Spanking Porn?


  I stumbled upon this on youtube.  This was a movie made in 1911 – “Jeunes filles sans uniforme” (Young girls without uniforms).   It is clearly somewhat erotic but also pretty silly.  Not sure what exactly to make of it given the context and era.  Hope you enjoy.  

Mini Review: Dominion Street Free Video w/ Isabella Sinclaire


I recently stumbled upon Dominion Street, on Vimeo, starring the Infamous Isabella Sinclaire – a Mistress that I am quite familiar with – as some of you may or may not know.  It’s surprising to say that I had never seen this video before and it was uploaded nearly a year ago.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when
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Roman Mistresses and Punishments of their Female Slaves


I’ve recently stumbled upon a book, Flagellation & The Flagellants: A History of the Rod. This book is intensive historically – but not exactly the most interest-capturing read, as it hits some serious dry spells and undermines its potential with tedious, repetitive, almost numerical facts.  Nonetheless, it is a must-have for those interested in the antiquity of corporal punishment.  Because
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Custom Spanking Paddles by @Missy10281 & @CaneIacStore


Readers, I’m pleased to announce (sort of) Missy’s new alliance with Cane-iac (you know, that spanking “toy” store owned by those crazy people who make implements of “ass destruction” and make it a point to continue to outdo themselves in that regard). They have come together to create serious heat for the seat with pretty floral spanking paddles to decorate a Bottom’s bottom. You can
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Why I can’t help but love Cheyenne Jewel:


I decided that I would like to do a little something different and talk about some of the spanking models/actresses that I have worked with or that I want to work with. Hopefully they won’t mind, as this will pretty much be based entirely on flattery. Who I choose to write about is not going to be in any kind
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Fifty Shades of BULLSHIT


I’m going to go on a little rant here. It will be brief, only because I don’t quite have the energy to get into it all right now.  But my mind is spinning.  I am completely flabbergasted that this so-called piece of “literature” has taken the world by storm, which is only further confirmation that the world is full of
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Correction that Corrects – withOUT the God excuse

Correction that Corrects (part 1): I recently came across a vintage book that someone scanned and posted online, since the original is seemingly impossible to come by.  Mariam Fredrick, the author, was a governess in the early-mid 1920’s – a governess who felt it necessary to write an explicit manual on the necessity of spanking children. I am glad to
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