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CAUGHT in the closet “playing” w/my naughty cousin

Aunt Dana doesn’t allow my cousin and I to do many fun things around her house, especially not play in her off-limits closet.  But we get terribly bored and thinking she can’t find out, we get caught red-handed, or in this case, red-bottomed – as we playfully spank each other.  naughtycousins1

We are just messing around so we don’t quite expect to get  a spanking that hurts as much as Aunt Dana’s.  Well the point here is: If HE didn’t encourage me to play in places where we didn’t belong, I would have been curled up reading a book or doing homework.  I think he should be extra punished for that, but Aunt Dana won’t listen to reason when I try to explain to her that it wasn’t my fault.  She never listens! 

By the way, what IS she doing with all of these terrible things in her closet???  Poor Uncle Fred.

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