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Collateral Damage: Musings of the Broken-Hearted


I’m pleased to announce my first published e-book – Collateral Damage: Musings of the Broken Hearted. This is not for the faint of heart.  If you are a fan for spanking alone, I would not recommend for you to try and dabble in it.  It’s fairly intense and a little disturbing, written in a prose/poetry style.  However, all clouds have a silver lining, so there’s some light at the end of my drama if you are not a poetry person but would like to attempt to read this.  

I do know from personal interactions that many of my readers/fans enjoy to know that part of me – and are happy for me to share something intimate with them.  It’s not all about the spanking.  I will entirely understand if you skip this altogether, and for some of you, I might encourage that.  For everyone else, please feel free to read the book and provide honest feedback. I have enrolled this in Kindle Direct Publishing so that you may borrow it from the library or have someone loan it to you after s/he has purchased it.  You will need to download a compatible Kindle app on your device to view it.

You may click on the picture or click here for the Amazon link (for anyone who is so inclined):  Amazon.com: Collateral Damage: Musings of the Broken-Hearted eBook: Angel: Books

This e-book has mostly been an experiment to see how the publishing process works digitally, so that I can have a feel for navigating the system when the time comes for me to publish my gothic novel, memoirs and of course – all things spanking related.  And I was motivated to gain insider information into the process for someone very dear to me…

For everyone:  This week you will be seeing some spanking pics on this blog, as I have some spanking pictures that are the result of some fairly serious, unconventional  corporal punishment implements.

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