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Coping without Spanking

There are times, when – for obvious or not so obvious reasons, I go for a while without a spanking. This doesn’t mean it’s not available to me, unless of course we are talking about distance and my inability to travel at the speed of light to see Dana.  That being  said, there are other opportunities I have to play with other Tops/Mistresses  – in the interim, which might be a good idea considering I lose conditioning in between visits, which has put a real snag in video product this past trip.  My diet isn’t perfect, but I’m drinking tons of water and rigidly adhering to my anti-bruising vitamin regime, which leads me to believe that it is the result of a lack of conditioning impact play. 

Even though I have many contacts, there are still those moments where I just need to be spanked – for whatever reason, although in my case it’s usually for emotional and psychological relief. But what happens in the moment if there is no one around to fulfill my needs?  One way I distract myself is by regressing.  I play.  Unless you have kids, or maybe even if you do, it’s hard to appreciate the therapeutic effects that playing can have – letting the adult world go for a little while to reconnect with that inner child.  My inner child is often an “outer” child, which I’ve touched upon in previous posts and it makes it difficult for me to connect with the adult world.  The interruptions in maturity take people off guard and there are often many misunderstanding, miscommunications and eventually misgivings.  It’s difficult. 


So I retreat to play.  I dress up baby dolls. I rearrange stuffed animals.  I decorate my room like a 5-year old princess would – pink, lots of pink.  And I let my inner child feel safe there because this was a luxury she was not afforded in her formative years.  That room is reserved for the more infantile part of my personality, in between child and pre-adolescent.  I spend time there when I think about writing books for this age group.

Then I have my collection of Monster High dolls, over one hundred of them. Dana insists that no one needs over 100 dolls, but I do.  I collect them.  I connect with my adolescent self here because I pose my dolls in mature ways and have fantasies of a gothic nature that I also have begun writing about (in addition to the completed novel I am trying to self-publish).

These multi-dimensional playing outlets don’t replace the effects of a spanking, but they are definitely a retreat.  Since I can’t rely on spanking all of the time, I have to enact some sort of self-discipline to pursue other things for comfort. I play, with actual toys.  I do.  Not ashamed to admit it. Hey, playing and experiencing that boundless freedom of the imagination that most of us lose sight of as adults – it’s a gift I give to me.

                                                                                                                                          ^i^ Angel ^i^

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  1. Tim says:

    Angel ,yes ageplay can be fun ,love and spanks,Timx

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