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Correction that Corrects – withOUT the God excuse

Correction that Corrects (part 1):

I recently came across a vintage book that someone scanned and posted online, since the original is seemingly impossible to come by.  Mariam Fredrick, the author, was a governess in the early-mid 1920’s – a governess who felt it necessary to write an explicit manual on the necessity of spanking children.

I am glad to say that I was able to read her work with a much more open mind than I had when reading Christian themed discipline books.  Not once does she try to justify her methods by claiming to be commanded by God to spank.  Her reasons, although a bit skewed at times (at least for my tastes) are entirely her own.  She takes responsibility for her thoughts and her actions and is completely confident in her assumptions and experiences.  When she goes into more detail and you start to wonder if her methods are a bit harsh – she doesn’t cower away and hide behind the bible to deflect personal criticism.  If for no other reason than honesty and courage, I commend her.

She clearly has very strong beliefs about corporal punishment and has taken it upon herself to award her philosophies on child-rearing the ultimate authority.  She is very specific in her method and tends to condemn those who disagree with her, down to the slightest detail.  She is hostile towards the use of anything but the hand or light paddle to spank.  She is entirely against the verbal admonishment of a child and any kind of physical abuse.  She is also vehemently intolerant of mothers or governesses who make excuses to avoid disciplining a child.

Mariam is so rigid about her theory that spanking is the end-all-be-all remedy for poor behavior that she extends this treatment even to sick or “nervous” children.   And she believes in spanking young, babies actually.  And not lightly.  She always bares the bottom, takes the child across the knee and gives a “sound” spanking, which by her definition is no less than 20 very hard smacks meant to illicit cries and screams from the child.  She is careful to explain the proper way to hit and to avoid the danger zones, such as kidneys and tailbone – but she is entirely immune to the pleas of a wailing child.

Disobedience is regarded as a crime and any single instance of it is to be met with an immediate bare-bottomed spanking that leaves a child’s exposed buttocks flaming and hot to the touch.  It’s meant to cause extreme discomfort, although not injury, and act as a deterrent against future misbehaviors.  Her usual advice is to spank soundly for minor infractions in an attempt to thwart more serious ones.  She swears by this method and the theory that sometimes you’ve got to “be cruel to be kind.”  The greatest indifference an authority figure can express is to not discipline.  Even if a spanking can’t be immediate – for example, if a child has come running in fear and trembling for its spanking but stumbles and hits its head on the way, the punishment must only be postponed, not revoked.  And the child will be spanked after it has recovered, whether that be several hours or several days later.  She believes it is in the best interest of the child to provide it with correction and express intolerance to any kind of defiance, no matter how small.  Even if she believes that a mother or governess has an unreasonable expectation and that the child rightfully recognizes this unreasonableness and takes a stance against it – that it must still be punished for failure to comply with an unreasonable expectation.  The child is not being punished for its ability to recognize something as unreasonable but for not obeying its mother’s unreasonable will and adhering to its own.  Obedience is of the utmost importance – regardless of circumstance.

At least Ms. Fredrick recognizes disobedience as disobedience and does not say something ridiculous and Christian-like, such as “Oh, well… you’re beating the devil out of them.  So it’s not even like you’re spanking them.  You are really applying the rod to Satan.” WTF???  Yes, I have come across numerous variations of this insanity.  If you want to beat your kids, just do it.  But don’t blame it on possession and the devil, you fucking assholes.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Wonderful post. Now you ought to get your fanny spanked for being a potty mouth at the end!

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