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Custom Spanking Paddles by Missy

The “Missy” persona came to me when I first viewed Ms. Dana Kane’s video upload of Angel’s delrin punishment. Ms. Kane, as part of her disciplinary approach, decided to publicly shame Angel by posting the video for everyone to see, in addition to her spanking with every delrin implement in her arsenal. I was rather intrigued with their relationship and became interested in domestic discipline.

Although “Missy” has always been a part of my personality, it wasn’t until I found Dana’s blog and stumbled across this intense, intimate punishment clip – inspired by Angel and The Very Bad Boy mocking the delrin implements as not strong enough to influence their behaviors.  I contacted Angel and we began a dialogue about her spanking experience, her interest in spanking and her relationships involving spanking. We gradually developed a friendship and she helped me to want to explore and understand the needs that were surfacing inside myself with my eagerness to explore the nature behind D/s and domestic discipline.

I have always been skilled with my hands, and I wanted to create a special paddle for Dana to test on Angel.  I played around with the design until it was absolutely perfect and I sent it off to arrive in time for Angel’s visit to Vegas. Both Dana and Angel loved the paddle and even did a free, public demonstration of its effectives on Angel’s blog (http://angelspanked.com/free-spanking-video-thank-you-missy/).  I very much enjoyed the experience of creating the paddle and got a lot of positive feedback as I shared the process of crafting it to perfection on twitter.

Watching the somewhat infamous Delrin Punishment inspired me to want to be a part of this scene.  I used my creativity to involve myself, not only by crafting it as a heartfelt gift, but because I wanted to experience its effects vicariously as I wasn’t quite yet willing to engage on the journey independently. Although my initial interest in domestic discipline was as a bottom, I have also come to discover a maternal side to me that wants to care for and nurture others… as well as watch them get disciplined.  I was excited to watch Angel receive the fruits of my creativity as the paddle I made for Dana decorated her bottom.

The Delrin Punishment clip was instrumental in my introduction to this scene.  I am thankful to have found it because it inspired me to get involved.  I met some wonderful people who I have ongoing relationships with, and it gave me the opportunity to feel productive by doing what I love to do – craft and create.

Since the first paddle given to Dana, due to the widely received praise of my work, I have been offered an opportunity to work with some amazing people at Cane-iac to decorate their lovely paddles with some hand painted flowers.  These will be available for purchase on Cane-iac’s website: http://www.cane-iac.com.  I will also consider taking custom orders if anyone would like something specifically tailored to their needs.  Sorry to all those bottoms/naughty brats out there, who I am sure would prefer my paddles to be used as firewood instead of spanking implements – namely, my bratty partners in crime – Angel & Amy.


Contact me HERE if you are interested in a custom creation. Thanks!
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