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Custom Spanking Paddles by @Missy10281 & @CaneIacStore


I’m pleased to announce (sort of) Missy’s new alliance with Cane-iac (you know, that spanking “toy” store owned by those crazy people who make implements of “ass destruction” and make it a point to continue to outdo themselves in that regard). They have come together to create serious heat for the seat with pretty floral spanking paddles to decorate a Bottom’s bottom. You can read Missy’s bio and find Cane-iac’s link on the new page I am hosting: http://angelspanked.com/custom-paddles-by-missy/ You will find some very pretty paddles that are deceptive with the amount of pain they can produce.  Don’t worry, Missy…. we’ll get  you back.  Cane-iac – the VBB and I are always scheming ways to bring you down! 😉

Check them out, guys – way worth it

Click the picture link below to go directly to Cane-Iac’s site:





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