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Mini Review: Dominion Street Free Video w/ Isabella Sinclaire

I recently stumbled upon Dominion Street, on Vimeo, starring the Infamous Isabella Sinclaire – a Mistress that I am quite familiar with – as some of you may or may not know.  It’s surprising to say that I had never seen this video before and it was uploaded nearly a year ago.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when I first started watching it – and I wasn’t even sure I liked where it was going when I did.  However, I quickly changed my mind as the mini-movie progressed.

Recently I’ve discussed secret lives, a topic I plan to address in even further detail in the coming weeks.  Dominion Street, with Isabella starring as Emily does a rather decent job of conveying what it might be like from the perspective of a Mistress trying to balance a “vanilla” life with a fetish one. 

The scenes transition from fetish to vanilla and then back again, rather smoothly. I expected some abruptness and was impressed when the short exceeded my expectations for conveying a message in sixteen minutes or less.  I’m sure it’s a theme that most of us that work in the industry can identify with, and those who seek services in this industry on a personal basis to accommodate desires that they can’t otherwise share.   

For me this rings true on multiple levels. My opinion is not biased based on my relationship with Isabella.  It’s not so much the acting that stuck me (which I am not of course criticizing), but what really resonated was the message.  As a person who operates in and out of the professional industry – I’ve experienced many of the emotions that Isabella portrays as Emily.

Those of us who are brave enough to show our faces have to make remarkable sacrifices, and impossible choices, as evidenced in Dominion Street. While the short film had some comedic aspects that were fun to watch, it was the more serious ones that got to me. Towards the end of the film, as Emily walks away in melancholy – I found myself identifying with that character’s sense of loneliness and not belonging. I might have shed a tear or two.

It’s definitely worth watching.  If you’re not into the sentiment of it, there is once scene where “Emily” fantasizes about caning a woman for calling her a “dirty whore.” Her fantasy invoked my fantasy. Emily turned Superhero, in the form of a Hot Librarian or HeadMistress or something (complete with costume, hair-bun and glasses) and beat the woman senseless. I know the exact mark of this scene but I’m not saying where it is.  Guess you will just have to watch and find out for yourself.  Here’s a sneak peak:


^i^ Angel ^i^

There is also a scene of her in full latex with a bullwhip… also quite arousing

Here is the video.  You will have to click WATCH ON VIMEO to view it:
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