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Domme Shopping (Literally?)

Just thought I’d share this cute adorable story of the way my mind works, and the mind of my special kinky guy friend who I session (and do other things) with. He’s a professional carpenter and so he’s always building or fixing something for me, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I see him. Lowes and Home Depot have become our “spot.”

So the other weekend we had to pick up something or another and I’m looking at this long, thin, yellow and white rod that looked like it would make a pretty cane… at least if you had nothing else to use. As I’m examining said instrument of ass destruction, my fella comes along and says: “Angel did you see that???”

I was like, “What, these cane-things?” He said, “No, that woman, I think she’s a Domme.” He didn’t even notice my cane theory so this was serious.

“Ok, I’m on it,” I said. “I think we’re done anyway, let’s go follow her.”

No, I don’t mean this in the creepy stalker-ish kind of way people. I mean this in the “cool detective spy” kind of way. That’s what we do when we’re out. We point out who or who might not be Dommes or who should or should not be a Domme. It’s just our thing.

We get in the self-checkout line and I look over to my left discretely. Here’s the woman who is like Domme-decked out, stiletto knee-high boots, stylish purse, impeccable clothing and wearing attitude like a drape.

“Oh wow, you’re right,” I validated. “She might be a Domme. Should we get out of this line and go behind her?”

“Yes, “he said, turning the cart to an angle. Then, “I mean no. We don’t want to be obvious.”

“Okay, fine,” I agreed.  “But let’s try to coordinate our checkout time with her checkout time.” Immediately we began self-scanning items as the cashier rang up this lady’s purchases.

We did actually get out of the store at almost the exact same time. She had a spot right in front of the store. Playing it cool, we pretended to be going over our receipt as we clandestinely observed her and the man who was with her. We hadn’t seen him earlier.

“Oh look at him,” my guy said. “Do you think he’s her slave?”

I took my sun-glasses down a notch and thought it over. “Well, he is MUCH older than her. But they’re both putting things in the trunk. If she were a Domme, wouldn’t she be in the car right now?”

We puzzled over this. “And look at that car; it must be around 80 grand!” This was all very suspicious, not exactly adding up despite our desperate deductions.

Then, to our complete surprise, her slave (or whoever he was) came right up to us to return his cart to the curb. We were both completely stunned, having been so caught up in our fantasy that we literally didn’t see him until he was right in front of our faces. “OH MY GOD, I think they overcharged me!” I screamed, waving my receipt at my guy in a pathetic attempt to appear legitimate.

“Jeez, that was close,” he said, ignoring my feigned outburst. “Do you think he came over on purpose?”

“I don’t know,” I said. But who drives that kind of car to Lowes or Home Depot and what kind of woman comes here with THOSE kind of heels on?”

And then I remembered a picture I saw on Twitter, somewhat recently, of @MsMonaRogers You can find Mistress Mona at: MsMonaRogers.com


So yes, it is possible that you could be shopping at the same time as a pro-Domme.


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  1. ZQueenston says:

    Oh my word. That was sitcom-worthy… I would watch that! I know someone in casting if you’re interested. 😉

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