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FREE video Good Leather/Bad Leather? SPANKING LEATHER

Good Leather/Bad Leather

Last time I visited with Ms. Dana, we did a spanking video (or several of them) – One of the cute ones we did was: Tips for Tops.  She demonstrated the differences between an old leather twase and a new leather twase.  Both of those implements were so terribly painful that I completely lost sight of her point.  Both implements landed with a thud across my backside where the leather was heaviest, and hit with a sting where the ends split more after they are active and in motion – ready to attack a completely innocent bottom.

leatherI’m just going to add my two cents here.  The implements were equally painful for me, although there was a different feel.  The intensity was about the same but if I had to make a choice, which I know I would never be allowed to – unless of course there was some trick or ulterior motive behind it, I think I’d choose the old leather.  Something about the fact that it is worn in a bit makes it just a tad more tolerable.  The brand new leather is much more like being hit with a brick, in comparison.

Normally there are leather conditioners to treat leather to soften it such as the products you buy at Lowes or Home Depot, or Amazon.  In this case, the leather conditioner happened to be my butt – and I’m sure a lot of bottoms will be experiencing their butts put to good use: being used to condition new leather implements owned by Ms. Dana Kane.

It was a fun little video, but my behind didn’t really think so at the time.  I complained and jumped up and down and ran for the ice and I was accused of being silly and exaggerating!  I hope that somebody will come to my defense once they see these things in actions.  There’s no such thing as good leather, in this case it was all BAD!  VERY VERY BAD!

To watch the free version of this video, please watch below.

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