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Hanging in…

If anyone reads my twitter feed (or if you are Dana or Missy) you will know that I experience bouts of depression – sometimes, rather severe at that. I often have reasons, but sometimes it feels more like a chemical invasion of stuff tyring to liquify my brain.  The past few days it’s been a combination of both, but I’m really trying not to neglect my blog again (again, again) – which is my typical pattern.  It will stay static for months until I regain the motivation to even just remember it exists.  So I’m not quite feeling that “healed” yet.  But I thought I’d put up a drawing I made a while back as a get well note to a sick friend.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I must be my own friend encouraging myself to get well-  although if I happened to be a teddy bear, I really wouldn’t mind a hot bunny nurse to help along the process.  I’ll be blogging again soon, I swear.  Just bear with me here… (no pun intended ;))


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2 Responses to “Hanging in…”

  1. robin(rbrtotk) says:

    Huggs, Feel better soon! or I will break out the puppy and kitten pictures. 🙂

  2. puggybear2013 says:

    Angel, I hope your feeling better, I had a friend with the same condition, its horrible. I’m looking forward to meeting you in chicago.

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