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Headed to Vegas: Part accountability/Part Fun All Pain

It’s been a while, but I’m still here.

Well tomorrow, here will actually be Vegas where I will be shooting some content with Ms. Dana Kane.

A few things will be going on for your viewing pleasure.  We have some roleplay on schedule along with two genuine punishments.  One might be Delrin style in severity because I’ve been consistently engaging in a bad habit after I’ve been repeatedly told to cease and desist.  I’ve also been not too subtle about it on twitter or anywhere else.  I’ve gotten more warnings, encouragement and advice than I can count from Ms. Dana.  But I ignored most of it to satisfy my compulsion to bury myself in credit card debt so I can have nice shiny things like expensive computers and smart TV’s. I can tell she’s compartmentalizing her “irritation” – and that I won’t really be suffering until she actually punishes me.  I’m not at all prepared.  But I’m accepting.

The other punishment is completely unjust, even though I was warned in no uncertain terms that there would be serious consequences if I ever attempted to do this.  I just don’t see the big deal.  And I waited several months before I got the nerve to do it after being told how much trouble I’d be in if I did.  I almost didn’t even do it.  But then I became bored out of my mind.  I was freezing and had no power.  So I spontaneously used the last of my laptop juice to concoct a fake personality to enter Dana’s free spanking story contest.

I was told Dana would be thrilled for me to enter, as she likes my writing.  However, I can only enter as a non-contestant due to the nature of our personal relationship and thus cannot ever win or receive a free spanking.  Once you tell me I can’t do something…. eh, that’s where the problem comes in.  I dislike being told “no,” or “you’re not allowed.”

I understand the no free spanking part because clearly that happens all the time… as evidenced on video.  But I have an issue with not being able to win.  So I tried.  The only thing I regret is that I was only her “second choice.”  That pissed me off.  Yes, I had little time.  Yes, I had to try to disguise my writing while throwing out clues left and right that should have tipped her off.  I guess I did a good job in that regard, because she didn’t know it was me.  I did disguise my IP address.  I was determined.  But it was a race against the clock.  I almost didn’t have enough power to send it.

The only thing I did not anticipate was not winning.  And I won’t go into that.  Besides, I was really working for someone else.  I was ghost-writing for Nefera Martinez.  She is my half Egyptian, half doll colleague and ruler of my Monster High collection.  She was also bored and freezing, and stuck in the attic so we had to communicate via telepathy.  However, due to all the plastic I had to staple to the walls to keep the drafts out – our signals probably got a little crossed.  That’s why we didn’t win.  That, and the other entry was pretty engrossing and we weren’t prepared for the competition.

I do not think I should be punished because I did clearly identify myself with the entry. I submit this into evidence so you can all rally behind me for support.  This is the e-mail we sent Dana.

Please note the words and characters that are red-colored, bold and underlined and what they spell out.

Greetings, Ms. Kane,

I would like to submit a story for your latest contest. Told myself so many times to enter one of them. You are incredible. I’d love to win one of your prizes. Be as it may, I’ve never won anything in my life but it’s still fun to enter. Winning isn’t everything, anyway. One time would be just enough for me though! Of course even if I don’t win I think it’s an amazing thing you do. Your truly a unique individual. Contests for a free spanking! I think it’s otherwise unheard of. Love it. You are the best.

And nobody’s got extra love…

for spanking the way you do.

The important stuff reads:

 “I told you I’d be winning one of your contests.  I love you.


The only thing I didn’t think of was not winning, lol. I should have substituted “entering” for “winning.”  But it doesn’t matter, there will be a next time no matter what she does to me – which really could be anything.  I’ve never experienced anything but spanking and mild scolding from her, but this doesn’t mean she’s not capable of utilizing other punishments in addition to spanking.

This is a little more defiant than the inappropriate tweets because there was a point I was unsure of whether or not I was playing or being a “pain in the ass” with the tweeting.  (That’s all cleared up now by the way).  But I do remember after Dana informed me I couldn’t enter as a contestant that I had a minor fit and told her I would do it “incognito,” to which I got an immediate warning that I’d be in a lot of trouble I if I even dared to consider it.  I think this turned out to be the case because after confessing, I got a text message that read:  “Cheater!  That was my second choice.  TROUBLE.”  But I think she’s going to have to reassess  (no pun intended) the situation given that I did expose my true identity to her in this e-mail, as we can all clearly see.  The pattern is actually very simple.  Every first word in the paragraph, no tricks.

Obviously, if it were TheVBB, Greyson, Lyndsy , Annika, Robin or (especially) QP reading this – they would have immediately deciphered the ever so subtly hidden message. So really the fault lies with Ms. Kane and her lack of paying attention to code.  I don’t understand how that is my fault when I literally spelled it out for her.  I also put so many OBVIOUS clues in the story itself (like my extreme disdain for a certain “novel”) that I was literally shocked she didn’t know it was me until I texted her to confess that her judging skills were off (but this was before I read the winning entry and I have since rescinded).

So, I don’t really know what’s going to happen to me except that on all counts, she’s going to “tan my behind.”  Her words, not mine.  It’s okay.  At least I have my Monster Lab that I had sent to Vegas so I can play in between “tannings.”

Wish me luck,


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