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How many “spankos” were actually spanked during their youth?

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And what were the reprecussions in adulthood?

As some of you might know, I’m quite interested in the history of corporal punishment –  especially how it pertains to us in childhood and later becomes fetishized.  To be spanked as a child can be, emphasis on the can, a traumatizing experience.  I believe this is especially true coming out of the 50’s & 60’s era where a spanking wasn’t necessarily a one-swatter or the now insisted upon by pro-spankers method: calm, collected and one-mild-swat –per-age formula (unless you’re a radical Christian and then it’s, sometimes literally, beat ‘em ‘til their dead kinda thing – google Lydia Schatz and Michael & Debi Pearl if you need a reference). 

From what I have read and even seen on television programs (including cartoons) – a spanking was an event where one got his or her behind unmercifully thrashed with whatever was handy, likely a belt.  There was no consideration to the fragility of the child’s psyche. The child wasn’t given any choice between a spanking and a “time-out.”  The spanker never bothered to sip some tea or brandy while he or she waited to regain composure before administering the discipline.  And there were no serious headaches over trying to lawfully determine the subjective issue of how far is too when giving a spanking.  Nowadays, a small black and blue mark or even a fading pink hand print can land a person in jail. And, it has.

From what I have come across in my studies – those that came from the era where spanking was a sort of no-holds-barred event either scoff at the idea and repeat idioms such as, “well, it happened to me and I was fine,” or they complain they suffered abuse and have emotional scars.  Many of them (from either camp) say that they developed a spanking fetish because of it.

I was just wondering how and why, as human beings, we can fetishize something that happened to us that was aversive.  This can apply to anything, really – but in particular, we’re talking about spanking.  More specifically, I’m talking in regards to those who found themselves psychologically injured by their experiences.  Could it be possible that if we were abused (or considered ourselves to be) in that way as helpless and vulnerable children that as adults we try to heal ourselves by recreating the experience in a way we can control?  Do we eroticize it as some sort of revenge against the perpetrators while simultaneously receiving tremendous self-gratification? Is it an expression of self-loathing because we can’t make sense of it so we further punish ourselves because as adults we no longer have anyone to do it for us? 

In the grand scheme of things perhaps it will remain a mystery as every experience is an individual one.  And collective experiences still only give us part of the picture. 


^i^ Angel ^i^

* Note – I use “we” as opposed to “they” as a means to identify.  I never personally had any traumatic spanking experiences during my childhood, none that I can recall anyway.

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3 Responses to “How many “spankos” were actually spanked during their youth?”

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Angel,

    I am not exactly sure if I became a spanko because I was spanked, but I can tell you that my memories of being spanked have surely enhanced my addiction to spanking. I am reticent to call my desire to be spanked a fetish because to me it is more of a need. I can honestly say that I don’t “like” to be spanked. I never have and I, being born in 1964 and having received my last home spanking in 1982, was spanked very severely with multiple implements though primarily a heavy wooden hairbrush and a razor strap.

    I can pinpoint to the day when I became aware, at age 5, that a spanking, though extremely painful, led to feelings of pleasure afterward since I enjoyed…though usually a bit after the fact…the feeling of sitting on a sore bottom. From that day forward I have sunk ever deeper in to my love for it. My spanking needs and desires in the present are of a disciplinary nature. Spanking has always been about punishment for me and are a cathartic experience that leave me feeling liberated after having received one.

    I don’t know if the same holds true for you but I feel that I can never fully articulate exactly why I am so enamored with spanking because I truly don’t understand it myself. I think I am just hardwired to being drawn to it and all that has to do with it.

    I’d be interested to hear other’s feedback and your thoughts on the matter as well via your blog.



  2. NJSpank says:

    I agree, not sure how this turned for me but I will say I am a true switch but a die hard bottom. I was spanked by mom, my aunt, my cousin, the nuns in school and a few friend’s moms. Spanking was a regulat occurrence, not sure why I so love to be over a caring lap, like Dana’s but I so do and need it. Being the youngest of three I did get away with a lot and yes there are some transgressions that I was not spanked for….oh well.

  3. mike says:

    I think I first became interested in spanking due to locker room changing after swimming class. Some guys would have bruises on their butts from spankings at home, and instead of being embarrassed about it, they would brag about it. Then I had a few corporal punishment incidents with gym coaches. I would howl while getting hit, and once I cried afterwards. The most memorable spanking I got was a five swat paddling with a table tennis paddle. I vividly recall the pancake-shaped bruise on my left cheek that took about a week to heal. Funny thing was, I hated getting hit and I was a afraid of it, while it was happening. But hours afterwards, I took a certain pleasure in the redness, the continued stinging, the warm burn. I would also get the strap bare-bottomed from my step-dad. He was a nice enough guy overall, but he did believe in old-fashioned disciple with the pants down and undies off. I was not brutalized, but I was hit hard enough to make me cry, and hard enough to leave red welts or purple bruises. After the intense pain of the first half hour or so afterward was gone, I found I could enjoy the stimulating, scintillating memory of a good, hard spanking. That is what turned me into a fetishist, or at least someone with a mild fetish. PS I was glad I found your site, interesting.

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