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I’m baaaaaaaaaaack…….. at least for now


Most of you are probably wondering where I have been… besides twitter. I’d like to say the Brazilian jungle, since for a good portion of last year I was living with insects I didn’t even know existed, a ghost whose grave was unearthed underneath my porch and a mysterious wild animal living under the loveseat that might (or might not) have been a chipmunk. It was all taking over my house like this:


I was undergoing MAJOR renovations to my home that won’t officially be complete until what I assume is 2016. What I can tell you, from personal experience, is – Never, EVER live in a place while it is being gutted and rebuilt. I have so much land I could have pitched a tent in my yard and REALLY lived with the foxes, deer, hawks and coyotes; and if I could turn back time – that’s exactly what I would do.

Inside, I was not only living with chipmunks (?) but also something that was either a super giant moth or Mothman… no, I’m not kidding.


But, what’s done is done. I’m proud to say I did some of the work myself, including taking out some walls with a hammer and sheer human willpower… along with the power of positive thinking. It really does a body good to tape up pictures of the people you dislike to a wall before bashing it to its bare bones of concrete and plaster.

That wasn’t all I did. I lifted and carried things taller and heavier than myself. I cleaned, primed, painted. I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned… at one point demanding people start calling me Sisyphus because after wiping off plaster dust for hours, it would all resurface like magic and I’d have to do it all over again. Talk about realization of the absurd.

Now that I see some progress, there is great relief. I shudder to think back a couple of months ago to being hit on the head with a loose piece of debris that literally seemed to fall from the sky. Almost got electrocuted, fell through a floor board, accidentally swallowed sawdust, you know – stuff like that. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… no, not really. It was mostly just the worst of times, laugh out loud.

A lot still has to be done, so I’m considering this “My Forever Project.” However, I still want to try to remain active on my site so you guys don’t forget about me. I’ve had a lot of offers to travel but have had to prioritize, which means flying to the place where Jetblue offers first class seats 😉 Just kidding, well kind of! I really love that JetBlue Mint. It’s so amazing I’m going to dedicate a blog post to it. I mean, it’s even beyond that. I might create an entire blog FOR it. I cannot travel right now unfortunately but I’m really lusting after my free mint cocktail and cozy duvet blanket. Okay, I’ll stop – for now but you haven’t heard the last of this, people!

Also, I’m contending with some nuisances of health issues keeping me constantly busy (and largely grounded, literally) trying to figure stuff out. Have the usual family/relationship drama, two of my beloved pets died last year and I all but lost my mind. So, it’s been hectic.

Now that the New Year has come, I want to recommit myself to my goals: marketing myself, my site, my memoirs, short stories, etc. I have a lot of endeavors. But I have to pace myself and take things one step at a time. So I hope you will all hang in there with me! Thank you for all the subscribers who have stayed right here, even when I wasn’t around much (or at all) and for all the new subscribers! I look forward to offering you my usual rambling thoughts, my artwork, my videos, my audio files and whatever else I can when I’m feeling up to it.

Much love and happiness in 2015!

Angel 🙂

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