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Is it ever okay to try and ward off a spanking or other form of punishment….?

Is it ever okay to ask your Top: “If I tell you something do you promise I won’t be in trouble?”  I guess I’m reminiscing a bit.  I recall one of my first Vegas trips, and the StepMommy series, I hid Ms. Dana Kane’s hairbrush because I had been spanked with it once and I didn’t want a repeat performance.  Even though this was actually for a performance… much to my horror, she brought out another hairbrush.  Much to my relief, it did not hurt nearly as bad as the original.  It ultimately turns out that the thing that made me scream and lose my breath was her hand. If you are interested in that scene, you may go to http://clips4sale.com and search for “dana kane and little angel.”  It’s the one where I’m over her knee being spanked and having my hair pulled, probably gasping in pain.  You’re bound to find it.

I remember feeling terribly guilty, and I wanted to confess.  But I did not want to be punished.  So I asked Dana if I could basically tell her something without getting in trouble – to which she reluctantly obliged. I’m pretty sure that she wanted to do something, judging by the momentary look on her face.  She had gone crazy and wasted time searching for the hairbrush prior to the scene and probably thought she was losing it because it was not where she last left it.  And as you might know by now, she knows where everything is.

You can find a picture of me surrounded by 100 implements on her blog, of which Dana knows the place of every single one.  I was being punished for wasting/not making use of my time.  In her unique way, Dana was able to demonstrate to me how that is pretty much what I had been doing most of my days – repeatedly wasting time.  Metaphorically cleaning already clean implements.

So, I didn’t get punished for hiding the hairbrush and it was entirely forgotten.  Dana wasn’t my personal Top then, either, so I’m not sure if she felt at liberty to punish me… although clearly I had acted as a bratty bottom to get my way.  I know had I asked her to use something else, from a professional spanking performer standpoint, that she wouldn’t have. And us spanking performers/actresses/models sometimes have to endure uncomfortable situations.

I did feel guilty though that I sort of deprived her of the opportunity to make a choice, given I had somehow gotten her to agree that I wouldn’t be in trouble.  I was wondering what anyone else thinks.  Is it okay to commit a crime and ask your Top or someone you are playing with to forgo consequences before confessing to the deed?  For the record, I think that was the one and only get-out-of-jail free card.  I’m about 99% confident that since our relationship has evolved that I wouldn’t even get the full question out of my mouth if I was dumb enough to attempt this nowadways.

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3 Responses to “Is it ever okay to try and ward off a spanking or other form of punishment….?”

  1. harley rae says:

    I must say I love the relationship that you and Dana have. The picture where you are surrounded by all of her implements is priceless. As far as asking your Top or Disciplinarian to forgo consequences before telling them what you did, I think most of us have done that at one time or another. I think honesty is the best policy and as long as you don’t do it all the time, it would be okay. I am pretty sure that it was your one and only freebie, and I hope next time we get to see the results of what happens after hiding an implement.

    • AngelSpanked says:

      Thank you for your kind compliments, and gentle reassurances (and also warning) 🙂 Yes, I did not try that again. Not seriously. I joke about it, but it’s all in good, playful fun. Bottoms need to remember limits are put in place for a reason and have to respect that. Unfortunately, if we were all perfect at it, most of us wouldn’t be bottoms!! 😉

  2. Tim says:

    nice drawing of girl girl spanks,best,Timx

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