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Free Spanking Video: “It’s a Wrap!”

This was a fun little video Dana and I did for Cane-iac in her “Tips For Tops” series. This clip focused on the ever-so-offensive to subs and bottoms everywhere – “wrapping.” Yes, it’s true – wrapping implements around the intended target area. Ms. Dana Kane actually had the audacity to do a video about wrapping while using me as her guinea pig!

Now, as a bottom with a submissive nature, (at times) I can tell you that I get easily rattled when there is a “wrap.” This is especially true when the implement is fierce and whippy, or moreso when a heavy piece of wood angles out and catches the lower back or hip.  Most Tops will never do this intentionally, but hey – stuff happens.  And if you are a resisting squirming bottom such as I am, well you can really just as well blame yourself. I know I’ve at times been so jumpy, I really wouldn’t have been able to blame a Top if she accidentally hit me in the head with a paddle. Mental bondage is not my strong point.

Now, I am sure most of you have seen this little video already.  I had intended this to be timely, I swear.  But having severely neglected my blog, I am clearly out of sync. So hopefully there will be a few of you who will see this for the first time and enjoy it, learn something or even buy this little gadget and start purposefully trying to abuse people with it (well you damn well can try and try and try somemore – but likely won’t succeed in creating anything other than stingy, mild discomfort)

During the making of this video, I had already been spanked immediately prior – so every hit was a little extra stingy for me. I am generally not into ‘no-zone” target areas; and although there was a little pain involved (and a LOT) of wiggling, there was definitely no threat of serious damage. It’s a cute video and fun to make.  It felt kind of like exposure therapy for those of us who are terrified of “wraps.”

Thanks again to Cane-iac for outdoing themselves once more with a spanking iimplement so crafty that you can actually intentionally use for wrapping if you so felt like it 😉 You can find their amazing products here. http://www.cane-iac.com/

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  1. scarswarm says:

    Loved the video, apart from being sexy it really makes you think about how your strikes land when you see it demonstrated like that.

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