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Little Angel’s 2nd Diary Entry: Sneaking in the Boyfriend

Chapter Two:


I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I didn’t take StepMommy seriously enough, even after I got spanked practically as soon as I entered her  and daddy’s house. I thought she was going out with daddy tonight, so I called my boyfriend (well my West Coast boyfriend, anyway) and invited him over. We met online and hadn’t seen each other in a while.  Good thing StepMONSTER didn’t know we started talking in an R-rated chatroom. Also a good thing that she doesn’t know he is older than me and dropped out of school.  I think she lacks appreciation for kids who slack off.  Like she was never a kid before… as if.

Well, like anyway, I didn’t really plan to do anything because I know we’re too young to do sex stuff. I just thought we would fool around and so I put on some lingerie, mostly so he could just look.  If StepMommy would just not have a cow and  have given him a chance she would know that he’s really a big old fashioned gentleman. Now she just thinks he’s a gigantic perv-wad.

I should’ve like waited to make sure that she was gone before I changed into the “slutty” lingerie, but I didn’t. StepMommy found me in my lingerie because I wasn’t quick enough to hide it and she went like totally crazy. I think she has some anger and control freak issues. She spanked me again, really hard and I think I’m just going to tell daddy because if she just keeps spanking me every time I piss her off, I will be sleeping on my stomach the rest of the time I am here.  I really hope it isn’t long. I hate StepMonster and I wanna see my East Coast boyfriend.  He’s got a bigger… heart?

And, I mean, it’s just too humiliating to keep getting spanked like this. Sure maybe I’m not grown-up enough to be considered an adult but helllllllo, I am like not a two-year-old. I really think this woman is kind of nuts and I hope she never finds this diary because she’ll kill me. Unless I kill her first. I don’t think this house is big enough for the two of us.

I’m going to have to ask daddy if he can put a lock on my door so that she can’t keep barging in whenever she feels like it. It’s bad enough she’s making me sleep in the smallest room in the house; the least I should get is a freaking lock.

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