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Little Angel’s 3rd diary entry – Slutty Schoolgirl Morning:

Now I’m starting to get really mad. Like, I seriously have no idea what this crazy lady expects of me. All I did was get ready to go to school this morning, which was totally exactly what I always do. I didn’t wake up late, I got all my homework done and StepMommy came in and flew into another one of her crazy rages. She was really upset about the way I was dressed, which was really quite cute if I have anything to say about it.  But nobody cares to ask me. I still don’t understand what I did wrong.  Doesn’t she know everybody dresses like this in public school? I pass kindergartners on the first floor wearing more “slutty” clothing than what I was wearing.  OMG. What is her problem?

sluttysgmorning2 (1)

But she called me slutty over and over! 🙁 She didn’t even give me a chance to change or explain or anything.  I mean, even if it was a little slutty, it’s her fault. Her brand of crazy is so crazy that she scared my boyfriend and I might have to get a new one.  What better way than to show a little skin and wear a little extra makeup. She totally didn’t get it.

She took me right over her knee and beat me senseless with a hairbrush until I was screaming and crying. Then she made me change and I’m pretty sure she’s going to burn my clothes. I think tonight is the night, she just went too far now. I had to go to school with a red bottom and everybody was making fun of me in gym class. Now I am going to tell daddy. He should know that she’s a maniac and demand that she see some kind of shrink for anger management issues. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Nobody gets spanked every single day. Nobody. And I won’t either! I’m not even her kid! Where the heck does she get off?  Well, I know HOW she gets off… probably on daddy’s big bulging wallet.

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  1. Puggy says:

    Hi Angel, I love your writing.

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