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Little Angel’s 4th Diary Entry: StepMommy Dearest

Well, she’s really gone and done it this time. StepMonster was in rare form today. For the life of me I just can’t figure out what her problem is. I really don’t understand why she hates me so much, it’s not like I ever did anything to her. Yea, I mean I guess I kind of despise her but that’s because she married daddy and I’m pretty sure she’s taken over his finances by now, and not to mention like his entire life. It’s like he doesn’t even have a say in anything. I don’t even know who he is anymore. I hate how she bosses him and everybody around, like who does she think she is? Actually, I might have an answer to that. I’m pretty sure today StepMonster thought she was Joan Crawford. The bitch went like all wire-hanger crazy on my ass. Literally. I’m not making this up.  She just like picked up every single wire hanger in the room and bunched them all together. It was pretty insane, at least that Joan Crawford lady was nice enough not to be excessive. Someone remind me to  swap out these dumb wire hangers for satin ones.joan

She was really mad that I didn’t clean my room and also that she found a pair of my boyfriend’s underwear in my pile of dirty clothes. I don’t know what she thinks I’m doing but she never gives me a chance to explain my side of the story. I think it’s like she just wants every excuse to spank me that she could possibly find, even when it’s totally not justified. I didn’t do anything with my boyfriend, seriously. I mean we could have but I’m not ready for that yet. We just took a shower together and maybe we touched a little, but really we didn’t do anything. It was just poor luck that my room was such a mess that he couldn’t find his drawers after we got out of the shower. (Good thing I kept that whole shower business to myself.  Pretty sure she would have just about murdered me if I told her we did that.  Some things are just better left unsaid)wirehangersmd

So like anyway she flipped the f*ck out. This was the hardest spanking she has ever given me. Actually I am not even sure if you can call it a spanking. It was more like she whipped the hell out of my ass and thighs. It was pretty terrible, even when I fell over she refused to stop hitting me. It seemed like it lasted forever and when she finally finished she actually had the nerve to make me clean my room. And she told me that I would have to clean everything else as well. But she is going to have to learn that if she wants to have a maid, she will have to hire one. Bitch Pleeeease…!!!

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  1. Awesome post…
    And wirehangers… very original, should try that once…

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