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Little Angel’s 5th Diary Entry: (Cupcake Cornertime)


Well I finally did it last night. After StepMonster when all Joan Crawford on me, I had to tell daddy. I’ve never seen anybody so freakin’ crazy, not even those freaks in the subway stations at Times Square. She thinks I am doing all sorts of bad things with boys and I’m not. But she won’t believe me and my butt still hurts from the wire hangers yesterday. Not only that, but she expects me to clean everything and doesn’t believe in hiring help. Back home we have like a maid who does all the cleaning and cooking and stuff. Mom uses part of the child support to pay for that so I really don’t understand why daddy can’t hire one here. If he can afford this bitch he can certainly afford a maid. I didn’t travel 3000 miles to work my ass off doing chores and to be deprived of my friends and definitely not to get spanked and grounded all the time, mostly for no reason.

And so yea, I did it. I told daddy. It was really pretty awkward and I’m not sure he entirely believed me. Maybe he believed that she gave me a few swats or something but I don’t think he can imagine his sweet, beautiful new wife tearing off my pants and beating my bare bottom until I am covered in welts and bruises. And it’s not like I could show him or anything. Like how embarrassing would that be? He did say that he would talk to her though about being so rough on me so I was feeling a little hopeful.

But get this. This morning she called me down for breakfast and was being all weird and stuff. She had an entire plate full of cupcakes, and anyone who knows me will know that cupcakes are my weakness. I know right, the woman who won’t ever let me have any sweets at all is giving me cupcakes for breakfast? Yea. It gets better. She actually made them from scratch and she was being really nice to me in an eerie kind of way. Of course I thought maybe daddy’s talk made her change her mind about me and that she was going to be nicer to me from now on. This is not even a little true.

The next thing I know she is shoving cupcakes into my mouth, forcing me to eat them while putting me in the corner. She took down my pajama bottoms and she had a wooden spoon it in her apron. Yes. She hid it in her APRON. What kind of maniac does this???

After telling me what a bad girl I was for telling daddy our little “secret,” she decided to tear my butt up with the wooden spoon so that I wouldn’t tell anymore. She spanked me so hard that the spoon broke in half with a particularly painful swat. What was really weird was that she must have anticipated this because she pulled out ANOTHER spoon from her apron and begin spanking me with that. It hurt so bad I didn’t know what to do. I tried not to cry because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction again but my eyes were definitely watering.

It’s really hard for me to sit down right now but I guess it’s better than standing in the corner for an hour with cupcake frosting smeared over my face. But I’m grounded to my room until I learn how to not tell secrets and lies. But first of all I wasn’t telling any lies and I don’t know why StepMommy says that the spankings are our little secret. Probably because she doesn’t want me to call CPS on her. She is just crazy, like really really f’en crazy. However… she really does make spectacular cupcakes. Almost, almost, worth the spanking. Although her cupcakes definitely aren’t as good as these.  She needs to try a little harder next time.


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  1. Sunshine says:

    You’re having way too much fun with the diary entries. I’m totally loving them!!!!

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