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Given all this controversy surrounding The Very Bad Boy’s organization of S.A.D (Subs against Delrin) – I have decided that it was time to start a sub-group (no pun intended) properly entitled M.A.D (Members Against Discipline).   But don’t take this the wrong way.  I’m not really all that against discipline… unless I don’t feel like being disciplined – which is often the case.  Usually this specifically pertains to when I don’t want to face a behavior that needs correcting, when I don’t feel in the “mood” to be spanked, when I don’t entirely agree with the reason for the spanking and when I can’t beg, cry, make excuses or otherwise manipulate my way out of a punishment (or at the very least downgrade it).

I am caught in one of those situations right now with Ms. Dana Kane.   The VBB and myself have engaged in some boundary crossing twitter interactions amongst ourselves and directed at Ms. Dana.  It was mostly in good fun, but I’m not sure either of us is thrilled now that we know the consequences are going to be more than we anticipated.  I actually did not expect any consequences for myself and I am being sincere. I thought I was not going to be held responsible because Dana never issued any direct warning that I would be in trouble if I didn’t stop recklessly tweeting.  I didn’t realize I was going to be punished until she made a blog announcement and @ directed it towards myself and TheVBB, publicly announcing our fate.  I thought it was a joke at first, or maybe an exaggeration.  Confirmation from Dana put that theory to rest.

I halted the bratty, provocative tweeting when I realized she was serious and that I couldn’t get out of it, and I publicly encouraged TheVBB to hold his horses as well.  However, after being threatened with a lexan paddle earlier – (which is quite a serious implement) – I have decided that if I am going to be punished,  it might as well be for creating and soliciting members of my own organization. 

The name came to me when I started to get angry again because Dana’s going to punish me, and the more she insists it’s going to happen – the more upset I get that I won’t be able to use any doe-eyed pleading tactics when I see her.  I pretty much have been heavily relying upon the fantasy that if I start imploring her desperately and tug on her skirt and let the tears fall from my face before she gets me over her knee or pins me down over some piece of furniture that I might stand a chance of persuading her.  The more I think that this might NOT be possible, the more furious I get.

And in a private e-mail she told me it was okay to be angry, her exact words were “Angel, you are welcome to go ahead and be mad.”  Since she has sanctioned this, I’ve decided to take “mad” to a new level.  Now it’s a group.  Members Against Discipline.  I, of course, only mean this when it’s discipline that’s a little more uncomfortable than not and when the spanking takes on a little more of a serious tone than it normally would for welcomed levels of discipline from the disciplined. 

These are previously  unchartered waters for Dana and I, but there will definitely be some of that in store when I visit her.  I’ve consented to the real-life discipline for behavioral infractions.  Although she will be in control of that, it was pre-arranged.  And I’ve just resigned myself to the “Delrin punishment,” because – well I should have known better.  I should also know better now, and I do – but I’m preferring to have a little tantrum of my own free will – mostly because she is still 2.5 thousand miles away.  It feels pretty far enough to safely re-instate bratty behavior. 

Yes, I’m pushing her a little – because I’m curious to  know what will happen and also because I know quite well she can handle it and somewhat encourages moderate doses of it for her own amusement.  I’ve played with Dana, and TheVBB has played with Dana.  He has been punished by her, for real.  I… have not.  I’m really just considering this a little experiment. 

It’s a bratty thing to do, absolutely.  But I respect Dana immensely and this is still mostly in fun.  Absolutely  no disrespect is intended.  msdanakanebuttonI’m merely “pushing” her buttons because it seems just a little strange now NOT to since we are entering “real-life” territory.  Since she has 5 days with me to work on behavior modification (among other things) – it would just be terribly inconsiderate if I were not to give her lots and lots of things to work with during our visiit. 

I know you will be reading this, Ms. Dana.  Because I’m going to @ direct it to @DanaKaneSpanks and @TheVBB, whose support I naturally expect in return for the favor that has gotten me in so much trouble.  Yeah, yeah.  I know I’m a brat, but I love you 😉  Guess we’ll find out what happens to brats soon enough… 

4 Responses to “M.A.D”

  1. sissymaid says:

    First of all, you are great! i completely understand your feelings on some level… i am certainly not a spankee of your caliber, and am definitely not a brat 🙂 But much the same as you have basically just tested the limits of Ms. Dana, and actually just asked Her to take your discipline further,i’ve done the same with my Miss. i’ve admitted my desire to be better for Her, and expressed my desire for Her to punish me if any of my service is not 100% to Her satisfaction, and to discipline me so that i will never make the same mistake twice. Basically begging for Her to make me sorry for my mistakes, and to help me grow through my corporal lessons.
    Your ‘bratting’ was begging to be taken to the next level, and now you’re scared to death of actually going there. It’s out of your hands now, and you’re going to reap what you’ve sown. Scary for sure, but you know you’re going to be better for it. i don’t envy what’s in store for you, but do envy what you’ll feel afterwards.
    Good luck 🙂

    • angelspanked says:

      What I do agree with here is that it usually winds up being better in the end. Real pain, punishment, discipline, correction – all can be an intimate and liberating experience. I don’t need luck. I need arnica, vitamin K and possibly morphine! 😉

  2. TheVBB says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, i have been dealing with an uncontrolled WW who is trying to make up for lost time. I agree that if we are going to be unfairly punished by Ms. Dana Kane then we should be punished for something we have really done. I agree that at no time did Ms. Dana ever warn us that we might be crossing any boundaries. It would only be fair to give us a warning and not just make an announcement on her website that said we crossed some imaginary line that was never established in the first place. I think it comes down to the fact that Ms. Kane is self consciences and cannot accept a little ribbing which is all done in fun. I think we should both be M.A.D and S.A.D subs for the unjust treatment we have received. I plan to submit an open letter to Ms. Dana for her blog outlining the unfair treatment she is providing us.

    • angelspanked says:

      No problem. I was waiting for you to jump on board. I hope you have a compelling argument. I lost mine one e-mail in. I agree. S.A.D & M.A.D – and I think a little part of Ms. Dana Kane wouldn’t want it any other way! 😉

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