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More Reasons for Spanking Punishments Next Vegas Trip

It is likely there is going to be part 2 to the “Surrounded by Stuff” spanking punishment, which was filmed several months ago along with the spanking punishments for overspending and breaking the rules.  All of these punishments were related and they occurred in such close proximity of one another that it would be almost impossible not to be affected by them. I received a spanking with a belt, the ultra-painful naughty stick and Ms. Dana Kane’s bionic hand. My bottom was bruised and swollen for a good few days after the fact and my pride was definitely not left uninjured. 

While I have definitely responded favorably to the punishments, apparently there is more that I should have been doing that I have not done that it seems I am going to be in trouble for. I have not hidden any of my “stuff” at Dana’s house and I have been being pretty well organized about what I am keeping there (with her knowledge of course).  My spending habits, although not perfect, have quite improved. What I did stop working on is the clutter that surrounds me, almost constantly. Immediately after being punished, I went to work and have gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary things and I have not acquired new ones but there is always room for improvement.  And after I did my initial overhaul (post-punishment motivation) – which was a rather exhausting undertaking -I just decided to stop there, thinking I had done enough. Despite the fact that every single day it is evident that it is NOT enough as you can see from this picture:

spanked for leaving a mess?

There was a point that Dana and I were working on this issue between Vegas visits. She had told me to send her some pictures of what my house looked like, including the mess. I don’t remember exactly what happened with this except that I didn’t follow through and I think we both kind of just let it go. Although I don’t think she needs picture evidence based on the way I left my stuff strewn around the room in the last time we saw each other.  It was pretty much an explosion of “stuff” until she told me to clean it. She didn’t threaten to punish me if I didn’t and she wasn’t mad, but when she acquires that certain kind of serious tone it makes me nervous enough to respond without any punishment necessary. This is strange concept for me because usually I don’t feel compelled to respond unless there is a direct or indirect threat of punishment. But I think in the case with Dana that it was somehow implied in her tone, which would make it that more insulting for her if I disobeyed and the consequences more serious for me. So with the rare exception or two, I have remedied my behavior before the point of really being in trouble.

Then there are the times when the lack of anger and the crafty way she neglects to mention punishment until it is to late – leaves me vulnerable to engaging in my own bad habits.  Just so happens, I forgot what a good majority of them were until we had a brief e-mail exchange reminding me. We have a client (Yes, that same person who is loves to see me punished – you know who you are, I know you’re reading this) who requests custom videos for real life offenses.  I am unsure of how this is going to work next trip because for this trip he requested (thanks a lot!) that Dana be in charge of the “terms of punishments” since she knows my offenses and habits nearly inside and out.  We sort of went over them together, and her list was much more extensive than mine.  I’m not sure what she plans to focus on since the clutter issue might be the least of my concerns…


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