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My Spanking Experiment

It happens to be the case that last time I visited Dana, we encountered quite a conundrum. A lot of factors were evilly coming into play making filming all the scenes we were intending to film, well – not possible. The biggest challenge was that I was bruising, and quite abnormally on the very first day of spankings.  The very first spanking actually.  We worked around it as long as we could before we realized my whole bottom would be destroyed if we fulfilled every singel film obligation.

I don’t know why I was bruising this way, but I am lucky enough to live with a former Top who is willing to spank me on a regular basis with different implements, on different parts of my bottom and we are going to monitor the variables and how this relates to bruising.  I will be keeping a log of what I have eaten, which vitamins I taken, how much water I ingested and whether or not I had any aspirin-related drugs (as aspirin causes more bruising).  I’m also going to keep track of my psychological state and see if any of that “mind over matter” stuff actually works.

We will be keeping track of the implements and what produces the most damage, and on what part of the bottom.  Our first round was successful.  I got over 100 smacks with a silicone paddle and not a single bruise.  The redness didn’t even last an hour.   This process will hopefully condition me for my next visit to Vegas so Dana and I won’t encounter the same issues, and you can see a whole lot of spanking videos!Day-1

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