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New Spanking Video Coming Soon: Thank You, Missy

I am in the process of giving my blog a little makeover.  Well, maybe a big makeover.  The bad news is that the perfectionist in me is not finding a redesign that I love.  And just when I was close, the theme I do like is not compatible with mobile devices… so I am more than slightly annoyed.  The good news is that you can still explore the blog and I will update it regularly, and that eventually I will find a theme I love and stick with it and hopefully it will be compatible with everything. In the event that I decide to have a tantrum and throw in the towel, please flood Ms. Dana Kane’s e-mail box or twitter feed with complaints – especially twitter because we all know how much she loves twitter clogging.  If not, refer to this video: http://www.spankingtube.com/video/17173/angel-s-delrin-punishment. A spanking might be in order for procrastination and solicitation. But don’t worry, that’s what she’s here for. Ask @TheVBB, if it weren’t for people who needed to be disciplined… what would she do???  Anyway, there are a lot of kinks to work out but I will do my best with content uploading.  The BEST news is that there will be free videos coming (if spankingtube decides to approve my videos, otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you). Here is a preview of what I hope will be my first video upload:


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