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New Unique Face Shot Only FREE spanking video

Much to my surprise, SpankingTube actually uploaded my video within 24 hours.  Here is your 3rd free spanking video installment (with more to come after I visit Dana in a few weeks).  This is from the same spanking scene shot with Dana, the OTK hard hand spanking demonstration clip.  The camera however is angled in this clip to capture my facial reactions.  That is all it does focus on, so if you’re strictly an ass-man (or woman) this might not be the video for you.  I like doing interesting and non-conventional things so although it’s  thus far been recieved without favor (as opposed to its superstar counterpart) I’m going to leave it up.   That being said, it’s hard for me to watch my own face.  I’m much more comfortable seeing my big bootie on camera.  I enjoy watching the entire action of a spanking (mine or anyone else’s) so I understand if this isn’t going to be a favorite. However, people, it’s pretty shallow and absurd to rate it one star.  If you’re going to, at least leave a comment with your gripe. I simply don’t rate things I don’t like.  Especially not anononymously.

‘Cause, I ain’t no pussy like that.

~ ^i^Angel^i^


Click on the picture link above if you would like to be taken to the members site where you can see a whole lot of my bright red ass, if you are so inclined.



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