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Non-corporal Punishments & How it helped me create my first e-Book

As some of you might know, the last time I visited with Ms. Dana Kane  – I was subjected to both corporal and non-corporal punishments.   For those of you who do not know, you may visit this link where you can find one such example of me having spent about 3 hours on this chore that did not, even a little, need to be done: http://msdanakane.com/chores.  I did learn a valuable lesson in time wasting.



I also learned a valuable lesson when I misbehaved and had all of my social media devices confiscated… for an hour.  Even though it was only a mere 60 minutes, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I did ask several times if Dana would let me have my devices back early and if there was anything I could do to earn them back.  I was told that if I persisted in asking, I’d lose them for an entire 24 hours.  I was antsy, I was anxious.  I was resisting the urge to beg and cry – as I know Dana doesn’t make empty threats.  And if it came down to it – I’d probably have received a hard spanking that wouldn’t have been worth my complaining and I would have lost my phone, laptop, iPod and kindle, and likely my other toys such as stuffed animals and dolls – which were also confiscated.

I tried to tell Dana that she should lessen the punishment for time wasting because I was doing stuff like writing a book or two (or three) to which she responded: “Are you really writing it?  Or are you on the internet browsing and buying things on amazon and texting and tweeting?”  I was totally dumbfounded and caught.  Technically I was working on my writing but I couldn’t believe how much time I had needlessly devoted to electronic devices that really hindered what I was trying to do.  Dana told me to spend at least 3 hours – in my zone – no devices, really, truly writing.  I have been doing that, every single day (when I’m not physically feeling crippled with the RA – which is too often that I’d like to admit) and I can’t explain the peace it has afforded me not to be glued to my phone, or the internet, or social media.

I’ve been proud of my accomplishments.  I have really been pushing myself even when I don’t want to and I have since been committed to my projects for at least this amount of time.  If Dana hadn’t punished me and not made me realize I could live without these things for an hour – I might not have dared to try it.  Now I have almost completed the editing for my gothic novel, have been structuring my memoirs and have just published a test book of profound prose/poetry on amazon to get my feet wet.  All in less than a month!!!

So I’ve had to neglect my blog and twitter a little.  Twitter is not ever going to be my priority again, but I will continue to be more conistent with my blog as much as I can.  I see there are a ton of new subscribers and I would like to sincerely thank you for your interest.  For your viewing pleasure – Spanking pictures coming as soon as next week!  FREE.  FREE. FREE!!! 🙂

There’s a lot to learn beyond spanking, and I’m very grateful to Dana for making every moment with her a learning experience for me.  

Some of you might only be interested in the spanking itself, to which I will not take offense.  If this is the case, or if you’d like to see some spanking action, you can find me online.  The latest scene we did was because I had landed myself in some trouble for leaving a mess of things – a physical and mental habit that I’ve found it difficult to break.  Physical clutter really does account for mental clutter.

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