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Part 2 – Angel runs the Gauntlet CLIP

Angel runs the Gauntlet Part 2

This clip is on the more severe side.  Part one (which can be found by scrolling though the pages of Seventh Terrace) begins the physical trials and we cut it when the intensity might not be suitable for those viewers who prefer more mild spankings.

Held in a peculiar but effective form of bondage (a heap of pillows used to prop me up and stop me from flailing about) I received the remainder of the strokes with various implements in gradually peaking bouts of intensity.  If marks and blood do not deter you, you will probably enjoy it.  We did.

When pleading for a towel to gag the screams, the Mistress – who did not want to be bothered with walking to the other room – did what any reasonable dominatrix would do in such a situation.  She gave me the paint stirrer she was beating me with and told me to bite on that because “that’s what Jesus did.”  Jesus, by the way, did NOT do this.  And it’s pretty audacious to use the Lord and Savior as an excuse not to walk 10 feet!

But clearly, I was not in a position to argue and Domina Nyx continued her assault on my bottom until it reached the point where she had to stop.  I’d like to say it was out of the goodness of her heart.  But I’m pretty sure she stopped only so I could briefly heal.  This way she wouldn’t have a mangled canvas to work with for the next clip. Always thinkin’ 🙂

More clips coming soon. Caters to a variety of interests.  F/f: role-play, real D/s, fun and silly, entirely  unique, spanking (playful, mild, psychologically intense, severe and erotic), scolding, humiliation, OTK.

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