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Popeye Spanks Sweet Pea clip on YouTube

Popeye Spanks Sweet Pea!

Did growing up with spanking in the media influence your fetish?  I will honestly say that I did get a thrill out of watching spanking scenes in cartoons and on TV when I was a child, or even hearing threats pertaining to a naughty one getting a spanking.  I was actually very attentive to what I was watching, television hoping that there would be a spanking coming for someone.  Although even when I was young, I had a preference for F/f spanking. But I would still get a little tickle even if it wasn’t a F/f spanking scene or threat.

That being said, I watched BeWitched with extreme hopes that Tabitha would get a spanking by Samantha. I don’t think this every happened despite the several episodes where a spanking threatened. I believe in one Episode Samantha threatened not only to spank her daughter but also her grown up cousin! Unfortunately nothing came of this.



Here is a clip I found on youtube, the video dating back to the late 1930’s.  Little Sweet Pea gets quite a decent spanking for such a small fella. Watch as mean Popeye spanks him.


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