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Princess Angel & The Very Bad Whipping Boy

This post is inspired by two people: Ms. Dana Kane (for making me realize it’s been way too long since I have done any brat blogging) and The Very Bad Boy (who asked me on twitter to team up again for a good ol’ brat fest).

I am always well tempted when solicited by the Very Bad Boy, the ultimate Brat Extraordinare. So, you see – this might be fun.  The opportunities for us to team up are literally endless; and although we have never met – our bratty spirits are of the kindred kind.  Unfortunately, the last time we tried to get together to make bratting magic, things did not work out very well for either one of us… Although, sadly – it could have been perfect.

I had responded  on twitter to his offer to help write his punishment essay. Well, actually I don’t remember help being part of the equation, at all. I believe his exact tweet was: “Why don’t you write it for me?”  Any normal person might have responded with something along the lines of: “What are you frekin’ crazy? WHY would I write your punishment essay for you?” Because who volunteers to take someone’s punishment for him?  Especially when no bribe was involved. Although we both knew there would be a certain amount of spoken or unspoken glory that would result from such a transaction – regardless of the outcome.

I pretty much responded with, Sure. No, not pretty much. I actually said “Sure.”  And instead of thinking why, I was thinking why not?!?  Look, I don’t know really.  I will claim to be a lot of things at many different times, but normal will never be one of them. I thought it would be fun, I guess.  Also, I didn’t realize how serious an offense the punishment was being meted out for (nor did I bother to ask, sadly). I certainly did not have ANY idea how much trouble I would almost be in with Dana. We didn’t get that far, but I think it was going to be A LOT based on the initial “you better explain yourself” e-mails.

My heart was kind of beating out of my chest with this idea of being in some inordinate amount of trouble. I think it would have surpassed the Delrin Punishment trouble.  Luckily that didn’t happen as Ms. Dana realized the “misdeed” wasn’t exactly my idea. I’ve been known to try to cheat once or twice because she won’t let me enter her writing contests as an actual contestant, so it wasn’t unreasonable that she jumped to this conclusion. Anyway, this was the next best way for me to vicariously fulfill that thrill – through myself.  Because I am not normal.  I just knew I couldn’t let this be a missed opportunity after all the effort I put into cheating only to feel tremendous guilt and confess before any real damage (and satisfaction) could be had. I was still punished – once with a spanking, once with lack of attention for the behavior.

Neither totally worked, which is why I found myself eagerly writing an essay on road rage because The VBB didn’t want to do it and we both thought we could get over on Dana. I still think we could have pulled this stunt off beautifully, but The VBB claims to have left an e-mail correspondence between us open – one very incriminating one that his wife rather inconveniently saw.  Dana was informed. Long story short, because most of you know this story: I got to spend a half hour in the corner and the Very Bad Boy earned a caning marathon punishment, a writing lines assignment, the naughty bench and a public shaming to go with his beating spanking.  Considering I was equally at fault for the cheating offense, I must pride myself a little on having gotten off so lightly (yes, the corner sucked.  Yes, I cried (pitifully). But there was no punishment spanking or public humiliation. Score. After seeing the VBB’s caning punishment: TRIPLE CHERRY SCORE).

That gave my manipulation skills a boost as I tried very hard to plant the idea in Ms. Dana’s head (after being unexpectedly caught by the Wonderful Wife) that I wanted attention and punishment – knowing that if she thought this was my purpose, it would naturally be denied. I actively twitter “bratted” to solidify this thought in her mind. I asked her for it publicly. I tried to OVER confess in the event she caught on, hoping that over-confessing would act as an expression of genuine remorse (I ended up being genuinely remorseful but it took a while).  While the Very Bad Boy did not at all get away with his crime, I’m feeling pretty confident I did. 

So I created this little parody comic – inspired by Dana encouraging me to keep actively blogging, experimenting with Photoshop and modeling a style I know she really likes and because I couldn’t resist this since she always calls me “Princess,” which so brilliantly fits into this post.  But I was mainly inspired by my good friend in bratting and the remembrance of the misbehavior event itself, in which he took almost the ENTIRE brunt of the punishment when I deserved a LOT more (perhaps not as much as he did, but definitely more than what I received.  So much more that I’m not at all disappointed I didn’t receive it).

Our little incident and the response to it by Dana and the Wonderful Wife very much reminds me of the story of the “Whipping Boy,” which I am sure most of you are familiar with.  If not, let me explain, briefly: In the “olden days,” children of royalty were not allowed to be disciplined by anyone of a lower rank – including any kind of caregiver or tutor. In this story of a very bratty prince, some unlucky fellow was chosen to his be his companion. This poor little guy was given a good thrashing every single time the prince misbehaved and the prince was made to watch the punishment. The intended effect was for the prince to have so much empathy for the plight of his friend, that he would behave to spare him such severe spankings.  I feel like I am the Prince (or in this case, Princess, because not a single swat landed on my milky white behind for this offense while The VBB had canes thrashed so hard across his bottom that they broke).  Does sound like he was the Whipping Boy in this situation, no?

Now, I hope The Very Bad Boy doesn’t think I will be so eager to spare him as he was to spare me (because he also over-confessed – possibly to lessen my punishment or possibly because he needed to intensify his. Probably both).  So maybe I will have a change of heart if we “work” together again. Although I do have my reservations because he failed so miserably last time.  And he is a lot of things, but quitter is not one of them.   He’s always ready for more action, and he’s a real good solicitor.  I can’t resist an opportunity to brat with him – so I say bring it. But we are going to have to communicate via carrier pigeon from here-on-in. 


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