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I interact with a few select Dommes who have the proper knowledge and experience to physically and psychologically manipulate what often turns out to be heavy scenes. I “bottom” for personal and professional reasons. I enjoy role-play and while I can endure heavy scenes, I also enjoy sensual or light scenes.

Depending on your interest you can experience watching a real-life interaction between myself a professional Mistress or Disciplinarian. I only work with a few select Tops on a professional basis and not to sound elitist – but I only interact with the absolute best of them. As a submissive/bottom/slave/player/spanking actress – it is important to consider the physical and mental health of the bottom, which would be BOTH me and YOU if you choose an interactive session with me and to co-bottom rather than experience a vicarious voyeuristic session.

I normally will not take requests to work with the Domme of your choice unless someone I know can recommend her, and highly – and it gets approved by the higher authority in my life. Right now I am primarily focused on domestic discipline scenes: roleplay, just for fun, discipline, maintenance and authentic punishment sessions.  My personal Top is Ms. Dana Kane and it is likely most most of my interactions will be with her, whether it be double sessions or custom video content.

I do not sub to men, under any circumstances for either personal or professional endeavors – this is a preference fellas, not a judgement.

E-mail for more specific details if you happen to have a “real-life” interest and I will get back to you with the necessary information. Keep in mind, tributes are mandatory – not optional. I regret that I have to put this in here, as I do not mean to offend the people who honor this without feeling resentful or entitled or thinking it’s okay to try to haggle. But for the rest of you – if you can’t manage to understand this concept, please do not waste either of our time.  I am a lifestyle spanko and while I understand the concept of tributing is insulting to some, it is insulting to me for those of you who cannot understand that dual nature of personal and professional interests co-existing.

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