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Real Spanking Punishment


Along with posting preview video clips, slide shows & individual pictures, I will be documenting my thoughts on the real-life spanking punishments interactions that I have with Dana (for those of you who are still interested in reading). The spanking punishments that happen publicly can be seen in their entirety at for anyone who might be interested in watching them along with reading about them.  Although some of these reasons for the punishments have been modified or exaggerated for the purposes of video, there is always some element of truth to what we are doing and why I am getting a spanking. Because I do value a certain amount of privacy regarding my public persona which is often representative of who I really am – I will rarely entirely reveal the details of my guilt or innocense on my blog.  You can leave it to your imaginations to wonder what is real or not. On the occassion that I do offer full disclosure, I will be sure to make a note of it.  Rest assured, no matter what the situation(s) there is always SOME element of reality to all of the punishment scenes I engage it – often, even the role-play ones, which is probably why I am so adaptable to them!


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